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Who is This Obama Guy?
Wednesday, January 14th, 2015 | Author:

That’s why they continue to call him the “Manchurian Marxist Moslem”..

There is something creepy, outré, bizarre, curious about the Obama administration’s reactions to violent Islamic events.  Pseudo intellects will offer that the President is above us all and understands on a different level.  Maybe he doesn’t.

We all know the Obama childhood exposure to this religion, the years in Indonesia, his father and all those dreams.  Perhaps this explains the growing list of extraordinary actions and reactions from the President regarding this religion.

Years ago, Obama misspoke about “my Muslim faith”, a misspeak which most people don’t normally get caught in and on a topic that usually creates little personal confusion.  George Stephanopoulos, quickly corrected him, grabbed the words from mid air, unrang the bell.  But did he?

via Blog: There is just something creepy about this administration and a certain religion.

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Obama and Islam
Monday, January 12th, 2015 | Author:

Here you go…



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Have You Figured Out Obama?
Sunday, January 11th, 2015 | Author:

There are others who consider him the Manchurian Marxist Moslem:

When the winds of change blow around, Obama will always stand with Islamists for some reason.Mr. Obama and his administration have supported Islamists and radical Islamists at the expense of: free speech, our allies, historical truth, our national security – most particularly in our immigration system, in the release of prisoners, our very language, at the expense of our military, and common sense. We’ve listed twenty-eight ways but there are others.

via Twenty-Eight Times Obama Showed He Prefers Islamists |

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Longer-Term Direction of the American Economy
Wednesday, January 07th, 2015 | Author:

From Mark Steyn commenting about the decline of the United States in “After America”:

Testifying to the House Budget Committee in 2010, CBO chief Douglas Elmendorf attempted to pull back from the wilder shores of “unsustainable”: “I think most observers expect that the government will act, that the unsustainability will be resolved through action, not through witnessing some collapse down the road,” he told the political grandees. “If literally nothing is done, then eventually something very, very bad happens. But I think the widespread view is that you and your colleagues will take action”…

Doesn’t make any difference who controls Congress, who’s in the White House—Democrat, Republican, bit of both. The government just grows and grows, remorselessly. A president of one party and a Congress of the other? Up and up it goes…

If Europe’s somewhat agreeable post-war decline was cushioned by America, who’s volunteering to do the cushioning for America?  There is no good answer to that question.



Well, three years later and we have not yet closed the loop on the outcome…  Today’s BusinessWeek discusses Greece considering its options:

The current Greek situation is particularly troubling since by as early as mid-year it could constitute Europe’s Lehman Brothers moment. Whatever the outcome of the Jan. 25 parliamentary election, it is difficult to see how Greece can avoid a major policy collision with its European partners. Greece is showing every sign of austerity and economic reform fatigue as its economy remains mired in the deepest of depressions.


February 3, 2014

Yes, the story continues more than two years later, but the plot and results remain the same… As noted at ZeroHedge, Europe pretends to bail out Greece… and Greece pretends to reform and comply with austerity reforms when it merely continues to spend as before until the money runs out…

At this point, I would be willing to say that Victor Davis Hanson has been the best prognosticator (see earlier posts below)


May 9, 2013

The Greek government began its first mass-firing of public-sector workers in more than 100 years this week, part of an effort to lay off 180,000 by 2015 under Europe-imposed austerity.

via Greece starts firing civil servants for first time in a century.


August 20, 2012

More bad news about the Greece economy…  They have debt coming due and the country needs to issue more bonds.  The Greek GDP shrank by more than 6% over the last 12 months.

I still have that lingering question:  How does Greece break out of this continuous decline?


July 24, 2012

The Prime Minister of Greece declares that his country is in a depression (any surprises here?):

Greek GDP is expected by the end of this year to have shrunk by about a fifth in five consecutive years of recession since 2008…


May 11, 2012

You may have missed the Greek elections, but the results are foretelling — the citizens cast quite a few ballots for the Communist and the Nazi parties…  the real takeaway that can be generalized for many western countries is that nobody wants to hear about austerity measures.  Given a choice between a leader who says “you’ll have to tighten your belt and go to work” versus a prospective leader who proclaims “the government should continue to support your lifestyle”, well, the answer is pretty obvious.

The saga about bankrupt western countries continues to unfold…


May 2, 2012

It’s not getting any better in Athens…



April 5, 2012

It appears that the financial markets are not convinced that Greece has overcome its problems.  The Greek 10 year bonds are now hovering around a 20% yield rate (in contrast, US 10 year bonds are approximately 2%).


February 13, 2012

A prognostication from Victor Davis Hanson:

There are only three scenarios likely for Greece: (1) In exchange for debt relief, a liberated Greece changes its ways, opens up its economy, redefines labor and capital markets and becomes a sort of Spain (unlikely). (2) It defaults and its drachma-based country reverts to what one remembered in the old days and what one would expect from a top-heavy, unproductive socialist state (somewhat likely). Or (3) it gets some half-relief, but soon reneges on its promised reforms and austerity, and thus like Greek cities in the 2nd Century AD, life goes on as weeds grow among the impressive, but crumbling infrastructure of the past (very likely).


February 5, 2012

The saga continues… Is the situation in Greece a microcosm of the western democracies and economic decline?  A recent issue of the Washington Times discusses how the Greek bailout cycle continues unabated:

The latest examination by international debt inspectors found Greece in such dire straits that it requires another $20 billion cash infusion. This would be on top of the $171 billion promised in October, which was on top of the $145 billion Greece received in 2010…

Greece is not going to escape this repeating cycle of near-collapse and bailout without doing something that sparks sustained economic growth and private-sector job creation. It’s well past time to try something new. The last two years of bailouts and broken promises to cut back on spending have resulted in a shrinking economy and what seem to be daily news of rioting on the streets of Athens. That’s not exactly the best advertisement for Greece’s most significant industry: tourism.


January 31, 2012

The German news organization, Spiegel, is sharing its thoughts on the situation in Greece…  They exclaim that European politicians are not facing reality:

Once again, Europe is arguing over a bailout for Greece, and it looks as though the result will be no different that it has been in the past… Europe’s politicians continue to battle reality. Everyone knows that Greece cannot repay its massive pile of debts, now at more than €350 billion ($459 billion). But instead of effectively reducing the financial burden, European politicians intend to approve new loans for the government in Athens and go on fighting debt with new debt.


January 29, 2012

The latest discussion is about Greece changing from using the Euro as its currency:

Germany and the rest of the eurozone can’t actually kick a country out of the euro for fear of investor panic and speculation against Portugal, Italy, Ireland, and Spain. But if Greece were to leave on its own…


January 25, 2012

The situation in Greece has many economists around the world concerned:

The rest of the world needs to sit up and take notice of what is going on in Greece right now. This is what can happen when you allow government debt to spiral out of control. Once it becomes clear that you can’t pay your debts, a financial collapse can happen very suddenly and you start losing your sovereignty to those that you must turn to for financial help.


January 15, 2012

I’ve been watching the situation in Greece with great interest.  It possesses all of the leading indicators of great decline associated with a western culture that has embraced Socialism.  These indicators include a very low reproduction rate among the indigenous population; huge amounts of entitlements showered among the citizens; and a government expenditure rate well out of line with the country’s gross domestic product.

When a country gets to this point what happens?  Do they declare bankruptcy and the creditor nations repossess the assets? Do they hyper-inflate their way out of debt by using their own currency?

Over at the Calculated Risk blog, they talk about the fact that everyone knows that the Greeks are not willing to adopt austerity measures.

At this point, it all sounds like a huge game of “kick the can” as a means to delay the inevitable…  of course, I still don’t have a clear picture of the eventual outcome.


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Obama and the Military
Saturday, January 03rd, 2015 | Author:

The lack of consideration for the warfighter….


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The Cost of Government is Not Sustainable
Friday, January 02nd, 2015 | Author:

I don’t know what the end-game looks like, but it’s clear that we’re over-paying:

It so happens the most powerful interest groups in California’s state and local governments are the public-sector unions, which are designed to push for higher-compensation levels and oppose private-sector-style cutbacks and efficiencies (e.g., outsourcing).

“By any metric that you look at, you’re going to find that the average compensation for public employees (in California) is two-to-three times as much as the average compensation of the people who pay for these salaries. It’s shocking, actually,” said Mark Bucher, president of the free-market-oriented California Policy Center in Orange County.

via Salary Info Shows Strength of Union Muscle –

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Can’t Show Israel on a Map…
Thursday, January 01st, 2015 | Author:

You wouldn’t want to confuse Moslems with the facts:

HarperCollins, one of the world’s largest publishing houses, has left Israel off the map in atlases sold to schools in the Middle East…

“Maps can be a very powerful tool in terms of de-legitimising ‘the other’ and can lead to confusion rather than clarity. We would be keen to see relevant bodies ensure that all atlases anywhere reflect the official United Nations position on nations, boundaries and all political features,” added Dr Jane Clements, director of the Council of Christians and Jews.

via Israel Omitted from Atlases Sold to Gulf States To Appease ‘Local Sensibilities’.

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Obama’s Guide to Distortion
Friday, December 26th, 2014 | Author:

An interesting perspective:

One way of reinventing reality is to warp the meaning of words. No president in memory has waged such a war on the English language as has Barack Obama — changing the meaning of vocabulary to hide what he fears might otherwise be unpopular.

Take executive orders. He brags that he does not issue them as commonly as his predecessors, but that is only true because Obama has now renamed some of his executive orders presidential “memoranda.” Add up both categories, and no president in the last half-century has so frequently bypassed Congress to unilaterally make new or ignore existing laws…

The use of language to distort reality, the fables, and the contorted logic all result from a central fact: the way in which Obama and his cohort wish to fundamentally transform America is not where the majority of Americans wish to end up. Given that fact, Obama must find fantasies to mask reality — and do so by any means necessary.

via Fantasyland, U.S.A. | Works and Days.

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Weak Leadership
Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014 | Author:

From Victor Davis Hanson:

Obama had six years to offer a radical change in U.S. policy toward Cuba. But as in the case of his blanket amnesties, he held off in fear of popular disapproval. Only the fact that he will not face another election, combined with his egocentric desire for some sort of legacy, which he so far has not achieved, prompted his action. Executive orders are easy when the president no longer has to face elections.

From enforcing immigration law to dealing with the Iranians, the Obama generation’s mode is to take the path of least resistance, one designed to dovetail with the current therapeutic national mood. Our premodern enemies enjoy the pretensions of postmodern America, a sort of cowardice always contextualized by convoluted rationalization and high-minded platitudes.

The next two years will be as interesting as they are dangerous.

via The Timid Generation | National Review Online.

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