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What Part of ‘Illegal’ Do You Not Understand?
Monday, January 22nd, 2018 | Author:

As usual, great commentary from Victor Davis Hanson:

Illegal immigration is conflated with legal immigration in order to smear critics with charges of biases against the “other” rather than of simply expressing concerns over legality and sovereignty…

“Sanctuary cities” are nullification centers where foreign nationals who have broken laws are not subject to full enforcement of immigration laws, due entirely to political considerations…

“Undocumented immigrant” suggests that the problem is a matter of forgetting to bring legal documents, rather than a decision to ignore the need for legal authorization. 

Source: Mythologies of Illegal Immigration

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Obama’s Dirty Dealings With Iran
Friday, January 19th, 2018 | Author:

Obama has always had an interesting position when it comes to Iran. (You can see a few previous postings about Obama’s affectionate relationships with Moslem nations here and here).  Some of his give-away positions are hidden in the so called ‘side deals’ that he signed in the JCPOA. Charles Krauthammer described the overall treaty with Iran as the worst agreement in U.S. diplomatic history.  Most recently there are more insights being revealed:

With each passing day, another disquieting facet of the Obama administration’s dealings with the Islamic Republic is revealed and when taken in totality, paints a disturbing picture of the administration’s underhanded efforts to placate and appease the mullahs and their proxies, including Hezbollah…

So what is it called when a president …

  • Initiates secret negotiations with a Holocaust denier and then lies about it;
  • Signs an agreement with Iran that allows Iran’s most opaque nuke facility to avoid inspection and then attempts to hide this fact from Congress;
  • Weaponizes intelligence services to illegally spy on Americans to secure passage of the JCPOA;
  • Gives the Iranian government, and by extension, the IRGC, $1.7 billion in cash;
  • Relinquishes all valid legal claims against the Islamic Republic, including judgements against the regime for acts of terrorism;
  • Releases convicted Iranian felons without cause or justification and removes others from INTERPOL list;
  • Fails to call out Iran when it materially breaches the terms of the JCPOA;
  • Rewards Iran’s bad behavior by giving consent for the transfer of natural uranium to Iran;
  • Informs Iran about an ally’s intention to knock off a sworn enemy of the United States;

Source: For Real ‘Collusion,’ Look At Obama’s Dirty Dealings With Iran

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40% of US Children Born To Single Moms
Wednesday, January 17th, 2018 | Author:

This is an interesting headline.  It makes you stop and ponder the potential consequences of this trend.  Given my experience helping to raise two sons, it certainly doesn’t ‘take a village’ to raise your kids, but it most definitely helps to have two parents to share the duties.

40 Percent of All US Childbirths Occur to Single Mothers, 700 Percent Higher than in 1960…

This is bad news, because good families depend on good marriages. Marriage is the moral glue that binds them.  It’s the stabilizing agent.  There’s a reason that children from married couples do better in school, and are less likely to end up in jail as compared to children of unmarried mothers

Source: 40 Percent Of Kids Now Born To Single Moms—Up 700 Percent Since 1960

My assumption is that this situation has a direct impact on the education of elementary school children.  Many people think you just drop your kids off at school and it’s the teachers’ job to feed and educate them.  As a parent, I discovered that at least 50% of your children’s learning success is based on efforts that take place at home.  Our family would have been severely challenged without my wife’s dedication (e.g., ensuring that our sons’ memorized their multiplication tables in the 3rd grade).


Where’s the Leadership at UD Flyers Basketball?
Tuesday, January 09th, 2018 | Author:

I don’t claim to be a basketball coaching expert.  My insights are based on five years of coaching middle school and 9th grade AAU basketball. In addition, I don’t know much about the new UD Flyers head coach Anthony Grant other than he is a former UD player that possesses a decent record as a head coach in the D-1 college ranks.

I would say that I started pondering Mr. Grant’s coaching decisions during the 2nd game of the season.  With more than 9 minutes to go in a close game, coach Grant elected to not insert his team captain and leading scorer, Josh Cunningham, back into the game.  A game that the Flyers eventually lost 72-69.

It’s also fairly evident that the coaching staff does not stress strong man-up defense.  Even against a slower-footed team such as Penn, coach Grant had the Flyers playing a 2-3 zone while the Ivy league basketball team shot 57% from beyond the 3-point line.  A game the Flyers lost 78-70.   My understanding of basketball fundamentals is that you often have to man-up when a team is hot from beyond the arc.

Meanwhile the offensive schemes often do not make sense.  For example, Josh Cunningham is a superb scorer with his back to the basket and he puts the ball in the hoop more than 65% of the time.  For some reason, the Flyers’ offensive schemes have Cuningham coming outside the 3-point line to take possession of the ball.  It appears that the coaching staff is not aware of the power in using Cunningham in a basic pick & roll as a way of getting the rock into his hands.

I used to tell my sons that a coach (grade school, college, or professional) has three primary roles in managing a team:

1) Recruiting, selecting, or drafting the best players that fit your planned approach for being successful in the sport

2) Managing the game tactics so you can exploit the opposing team’s weaknesses and defend against their strengths

3) Motivating the players to constantly improve and overcome adversity when the season or games aren’t going as desired

When I recently read an article that quoted coach Grant as saying the team needs a psychiatrist, this told me that he was already shirking some of his coaching responsibilities.  In some ways, this is akin to throwing the players under the bus.

It’s still a wide-open season in the A-10 conference.  Perhaps coach Grant will spend sufficient time with Bucky Bockhorn to help turn the season around.


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Calling for the Slaughter of Jews – Does Anybody Care?
Tuesday, January 09th, 2018 | Author:

It’s now becoming standard religious rhetoric at mosques in the United States:

The “kill-the-Jews” imams in Texas, California and New Jersey have not been fired. It is astonishing. No uproar, no media outrage… All of these imams cite Quran chapter and verse. Thousands of imams across the world, millions of believers believe their gate and bloodlust to be righteous because it’s in the Quran.

Source: NC Imam Calls For Slaughter Of Jews

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Liberalism vs Progressivism
Monday, January 08th, 2018 | Author:

A decent summary of the important differences…

Hat tip to Sundance

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Is Meritocracy Bad?
Monday, January 08th, 2018 | Author:

Some of these people are just plainly “off their rockers”…

A math education professor at Brooklyn College contends in a recent academic article that “meritocracy” in math classes is a “tool of whiteness.” Laurie Rubel implicates both meritocracy and “color-blindness” as ideological precepts that hold back racial minorities from succeeding in math classes in an article for the peer-reviewed Journal of Mathematics Education.

Source: Meritocracy is a ‘tool of whiteness,’ claims math professor

Obama Doesn’t Like the USA
Thursday, December 28th, 2017 | Author:

That’s why the smart ones used to refer to Obama as the Manchurian Marxist Moslem:

Barack Obama will no doubt be chronicled, among other things, as the first anti-American president. No wonder; he’s the product of an educational system that has become increasingly radical and anti-American with each passing decade, and his mother was a stereotypical leftist anthropologist with a passion for the Third World.

Source: The First Anti-American President

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Avoid Google News Site
Saturday, December 23rd, 2017 | Author:

If you want news sources other than being force-fed the standard mainstream media, it is in your best interests to avoid the Google news site (  It’s attempting to be the 21st century version of Dan Rather on CBS.  As you can see from the excerpt below (from this morning), the site is essentially a compendium of the standard tainted news sources – CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, Huffington Post, etc.

If you don’t want to contemplate issues on your own and you want someone to color the world for your senses, you might just as well just turn on the television and listen passively to Matt Lauer or Mika Brzezinski — everyone recognizes that these are honest and objective reporters [sarcasm].


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Was Obama Responsible for Scandals?
Thursday, December 21st, 2017 | Author:

Obamagate is coming back again:

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., argued Thursday that senior Obama administration officials might be guilty of trying to keep President Trump from getting elected last November.”Time to investigate high ranking Obama government officials who might have colluded to prevent the election of @realDonaldTrump! This could be WORSE than Watergate!” Paul tweeted Thursday morning

Frankly, I think the Obama administration was at the front of multiple political scandals during the 8-year run.

Source: Obama administration against Trump might be ‘worse than Watergate’

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