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Raiders Basketball Home Opener
Wednesday, November 16th, 2016 | Author:

We made it to the home opener last night against the Miami Redskins, and almost saw Wright State squander a 21-point halftime lead.  The home team managed to pull out a 89-87 win.


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Full Day of ATP Tennis
Wednesday, August 17th, 2016 | Author:

Missy and I spent nearly 6 hours at the ATP tournament in Cincinnati (were women playing tennis there?).  The matches were supposed to begin at 11:00am, but due to a torrential downpour, we didn’t show up in Mason until 12:30pm.  Instead we started our morning at Jungle Jim’s (largest grocery still in the US – see first photo).  When we finally made our way to the tournament grounds, we encountered a swamp instead of a parking lot (see second photo).  However, after the clouds cleared, we saw some great tennis matches — Nishikori vs Youzny, Thiem vs Millman, Dimitrov vs Lopez, Opelka vs Tsonga, Isner vs Raonic, and Granollers vs Vesely.  Some of the matches were power-serving duels with very few rallies (Opelka vs Tsonga) while other matches were pure finesse with many slices and approaches to the net (Dimitrov vs Lopez).

I’m making a prediction that the 18 year old, 6’11” Reilly Opelka from Michigan becomes the highest ranked American men’s tennis player within the next four years.  He already has a serve almost on par with John Isner, but he appears to be much more athletic with a relatively complete repertoire of tennis hitting capability.

missy jungle jims

ATP parking lot

Dimitrov vs Lopez

Iner vs Raonic

opelka vs Tsonga

Nishikori vs Youzny

Miss ct 3

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ATP Qualifiers 2016
Saturday, August 13th, 2016 | Author:

We spent a few hours in Mason on Saturday catching the Men’s qualifying rounds of the ATP tennis tournament.   We caught the better half of two competitive matches and stayed dry (if you don’t count the sweat from the humidity) even as the rain clouds swirled overhead.

Mannarino serving


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Bicycling… and Fixing a Flat
Saturday, July 30th, 2016 | Author:

I rode about 35 miles in south Dayton with my buddy Marc.  Unfortunately, I had the additional task of replacing a flat tire during our journey back home.

fiixng a flat

ride maop


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Hara Arena is Done
Friday, July 29th, 2016 | Author:

I grew up in this place.  I saw my first hockey game with my brother at Hara when I was seven years old;  I played hockey in the big arena during my pre-teen years;  I worked as the ‘Ice Patrol’ and ‘Concert Security’ during my teen years; I took my sons to Sesame Street on Ice during my young adulthood; I taught my sons how to drive a car in the parking lot during later years; I took my son to see a President speak to a select crowd; and most recently I attended Dayton Demonz/Demolition hockey games at the arena.

The Dayton Hara Arena & Exhibition Center Inc. will hold its last event on Aug. 27… The iconic venue brought sports, concerts, entertainment and special interest shows to the Miami Valley for more than 60 years, but ultimately could not overcome an internal legal battle that has spanned the last two decades, the release said.

Source: Hara Arena to close 

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Bicycling to Air Force Museum
Saturday, June 11th, 2016 | Author:

I went on a 25-mile bike-ride with my buddy, Marc, to check out the new additions to the National Museum of the Air Force.  It was beautiful weather and a great day for a ride.  We even rode by the Riverscape fountains in downtown Dayton, which cast a slight rainbow (see second photo below).

DZ biking at AF musuem

Riverscape fountain


“Junior” Blue Jackets in the AHL Finals
Friday, May 27th, 2016 | Author:

You may have missed this story about the Lake Erie (Cleveland) Monsters making it to the finals of the American Hockey League. The Monsters are the AAA farm club for the Columbus Blue Jackets.  According to my buddy, Scott, at least 1/3 of the Monster’s roster are future NHL players.



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Equality in Men’s and Women’s Tennis?
Friday, May 06th, 2016 | Author:


Another tournament director weighed in on the craziness of gender political correctness in tennis:

Equal Prize Money: It’s Not OK When The Men Bring In 4 Times More Than The Women

Source: Ion Tiriac on Equal Prize Money


March 27, 2016

This is rather ironic considering the result tumult around women’s versus men’s tennis… evidently Andy Murray complained that he had to serve a women’s tennis ball that happened to roll onto his court during his match.  Even his comments are rather ironic:

The world No. 2 felt he was mistakenly given a women’s ball while serving on break point in the second set against Denis Istomin, leading to a brief but heated back and forth with chair umpire Mohamed Lahyani. “It’s unacceptable to have one of those balls,” a visibly upset Murray said after losing the point.

Oh, well.  The PC Police tell me that everything is fine…

Source: Andy Murray miffed after mistakenly having to serve with women’s ball


March 23, 2016

Politically correct people can deny facts all they want, but reality typically follows the money-trail.  Here is a dose of reality for the critics of Ray Moore and Novak Djokovic… picked up by Sean Randall:

The Miami Open is selling tickets for the men’s and women’s final at DIFFERENT prices when the prize money for both events is equal.The cheapest Saturday WOMEN’S FINAL (which includes the men’s doubles final) ticket is listed at $69.The cheapest Sunday MEN’S FINAL (which includes the women’s doubles final) ticket is listed at $105.

The article ignores the additional important fact that in the major tennis tournaments (e.g., Wimbledon, US Open, etc.) the men play best of 5 sets whereas the women only play best of 3 sets.

Go figure…

Source: Why Do The Miami Open Men’s Final Tickets Cost 52% More Than The Women’s Final?


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Installing New Basketball Hoop
Saturday, April 30th, 2016 | Author:


Phase 3 is now complete.  My buddy, Redman, showed up to help me mount the backboard, rim and net.  I also planted sod around the concrete base.   The combination of the solid pole filled with concrete and rebar, along with the glass backboard makes for very nice play.

final pole


April 24, 2016

Phase 2 of three phases of the solo installation was completed this weekend (Phase 3 is the installation of the glass backboard planned for next weekend).   The large Spalding box was delivered on Friday (see first photo below), but the real work started at 7:00am on Saturday with a visit to Menards to buy the necessary building materials and to rent the delivery truck.  It was a workout just picking up the nearly 1,000 pounds of concrete and loading them into the bed of the truck (see second photo below).

I enlarged the original hole to a full cube 2′ x 2′ x 2′ and I built a wooden form around the top of the hole (see third photo).  I then constructed a tripod out of 2″x4″ wooden studs to ensure that the pole maintained level during the concrete pour (see fourth photo).  After installing additional rebar in the base and center of the pole, I started mixing the first of 10 bags of Quickcrete (no crack recipe with chopped fiber).  After 3 hours of mixing, pouring, and tamping concrete (including pouring concrete down the center of the pole using a make-shift funnel), I ended up with what you can see in the sixth photo below.

Spalding box 4 x 8 x 2full load in truck.hole is readysetting up tripod mixing concreteconcrete curing


April 18, 2016

The basketball hoop & pole for our home court that I installed 22 years ago finally gave way (the 3″ diameter metal pole rusted-through).  I’ve ordered a new in-ground pole and backboard, which requires that the previous concrete base be removed.  As you can see from the first photo below, the metal pole snapped right at the base, and the grass has grown over most of the concrete.

Naturally, the first step, as shown in the second photo below, was to remove all of the soil around the concrete base.  While it was challenging, I used a couple of 4′ long crowbars to help pry the 400 pounds of concrete out of the hole (see the third photo).   The fun part was using some engineering skills to determine a reasonable way of getting the huge block of concrete into the wheelbarrow.  As you can see from the fourth photo, I leveraged the technique that the Egyptians and Israelites used in building the pyramids — a slight incline plane.  After all was said and done, I ended up with a hole just about ready for the new 4″ square pole.  (Note: I did all of this work solo).

base of bball pole

Base from previous basketball pole

dig out of bball pole

Removing all of the soil around the concrete base

250lb concrete ball

Breaking my back getting concrete out of the hole

ramp to whlbrl

Creative ramp (from old solid door) for rolling concrete into wheelbarow

Hole ready nxt

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NBA and NHL Playoffs
Thursday, April 21st, 2016 | Author:

I’ve got to admit that I like sports in April and May…  It’s basketball and hockey playoff season and there are numerous games from which to choose just about every night.  Check out the schedule of games below for a Wednesday night.  You can watch exciting games from 7:00pm until 1:00am (of course, who would waste their time watching an NBA game before the 4th quarter?).

sports on tv

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