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Do You Love Chocolate?
Wednesday, February 04th, 2009 | Author:

This one is a funny one, courtesy of Todd Imwalle.




We were raised on chocolate as kids and even into adulthood. I will never eat it again. I hope from now on you will throw yours away whenever you are given any.


It could happen to you, your family, and friends…


Excessive Amounts of Chocolate Can Cause Small Feet

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Statistical Analysis of Tennis Matches
Wednesday, February 04th, 2009 | Author:

It’s about time that a tennis pundit introduced a more thorough analysis of a tennis match.  Just like hockey introduced the notion of plus/minus stats (goals scored for or against a team when a player is on the ice), the man from TennisThoughts introduces the concepts of Winners and Forcing Shots.

He uses his analytical theories on the recent Australian Open final match between Federer and Nadal.

Where is Humanity in the Middle East?
Wednesday, February 04th, 2009 | Author:

A great commentary on the Middle East in the Wall Street Journal, from the father of Daniel Pearl.  A few extracts:

But somehow, barbarism, often cloaked in the language of “resistance,” has gained acceptance in the most elite circles of our society. The words “war on terror” cannot be uttered today without fear of offense. Civilized society, so it seems, is so numbed by violence that it has lost its gift to be disgusted by evil.

But the clearest endorsement of terror as a legitimate instrument of political bargaining came from former President Jimmy Carter. In his book “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid,” Mr. Carter appeals to the sponsors of suicide bombing. “It is imperative that the general Arab community and all significant Palestinian groups make it clear that they will end the suicide bombings and other acts of terrorism when international laws and the ultimate goals of the Road-map for Peace are accepted by Israel.” Acts of terror, according to Mr. Carter, are no longer taboo, but effective tools for terrorists to address perceived injustices.

When we ask ourselves what it is about the American psyche that enables genocidal organizations like Hamas — the charter of which would offend every neuron in our brains — to become tolerated in public discourse, we should take a hard look at our universities and the way they are currently being manipulated by terrorist sympathizers.

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