DZ’s Core Philosophy

As a parent of two sons, I have tried to impress upon my children the need for clear thinking about people. I was searching for a simple phrase that expresses my views, which are best described as a combination of an “engineer’s logic” and an “entrepreneur’s resourcefulness”.

I derived this outlook on people and life from the viewpoint fostered by successful global corporations: “Think globally, act locally”. This business expression reflects how the largest world-wide corporations have come to the realization that it’s most efficient to generalize and develop products for application all around the world. However, this expression also recognizes the importance of adjusting for the specific differences that exist between individual cultures.

In my view, it is illogical to ignore stereotypes if it is the only statistical data that is available in making decisions about people (thus, racial profiling can be a logical process). Hence, the portion of the expression: “Think Stereotypically“. Meanwhile, my view is also one of respecting any person on the planet (regardless of race, religion, handicap, etc.) as potentially being an individual worthy of providing value to society. Thus, the expression: “Act Individually“.