Obamagate is Back

The leftists and Democrats are not going to be able to hide behind the diversions anymore.



Is Mr. Obama going to be able to maintain his distance from Obamagate?

“The evidence connecting President Obama to the Flynn operation is getting stronger,” one investigator with direct knowledge told me. “The bureau knew it did not have evidence to justify that Flynn was either a criminal or counterintelligence threat and should have shut the case down. But the perception that Obama and his team would not be happy with that outcome may have driven the FBI to keep the probe open without justification and to pivot to an interview that left some agents worried involved entrapment or a perjury trap.”

May 23, 2020

It’s becoming more and more difficult for the mainstream media to bury the truth.  Obama’s entire career is based on backroom manipulation and corruption:

Until recently, we had no idea how far, deep, and wide the corruption within the Obama administration reached. That is until the Michael Flynn unmaskers were themselves, unmasked. We now see up close how much Obama and his administration, along with Deep State players in various three-letter agencies and leftist-run media, bartered in corruption, lies, and the weaponization of government power.


May 16, 2020

There’s much more evidence for the Obama administration’s illegal subterfuge in the 2016 election than there is for any Russian collusion activities from the Trump administration.  The telltale sign on the progress in building the evidence for Obamagate are the public attacks on Attorney General William Barr:

He has been kicked in the teeth many times since he took over the Justice Department. He’s done an excellent job. For liberals, he’s a nightmare. He’s a political puppet. He’s a traitor. He’s usurping the rule of law. And all of these allegations are lobbed because Barr is exposing the bad behavior of Obama’s Department of Justice that was engulfed in Russian collusion delusion…

We’re at a point where the level of absurdity from the Left is akin to arguing with someone who refuses to believe that Friday is a day of the week or that Friday is what comes after Thursday

Yet, it still amazes me a little bit of how unwilling the Left is at admitting they were dead wrong about Russian collusion. Politically speaking, it’s a carcass, rotten to the core, and loaded with maggots. There’s no comeback here for this narrative. None. And yet, the Left still thinks is a vibrant lively creature that will soon get Trump.


April 11, 2020

Well, people are starting to take notice that Obama has come out of hiding to try and avoid further damage to his questionable reputation:

As evidence mounts that the upper echelons of the Obama administration — include Obama himself — spent their final days spying and phone-tapping in an effort to ruin Michael Flynn and poison the entire Trump administration, the president and his confidantes are turning up the heat.

And you shouldn’t overlook the rats that are starting to scurry under the sunlight.  Here we have an official that served in the Obama administration coming forward to admit that she fabricated her claims about collusion with Russia:

Under oath, she didn’t “know anything,” yet she went on national television to claim that incoming Trump officials would engage in a cover-up of intelligence that she quite definitively, said existed, even though it didn’t.

An elegant summary of the situation from Victor Davis Hanson:

the unendurable truth that a sitting president unleashed his intelligence agencies to warp an election, feigned ignorance of his central role, and yet finally was so furious about the winner that he sought to sabotage his successor’s transition and, by association, his presidency…. that a deity [Obama] was likely the most corrupt president in a generation?


May 9, 2020

Yep, the world’s most eloquent leftist lecture deliveryman is the source for Obamagate.  The man with the golden touch for hiding behind hideous amounts of corruption — the Manchurian Marxist Moslem — is back in the news.  A great summary from the indomitable Mark Levin:

“This is Barack Obama’s blue dress,” Levin said holding up the documents. “Let me explain what I mean. We’re supposed to believe that during the Obama administration the FBI went rogue. The Department of Justice went rogue. The CIA went rogue. The DNI went rogue. The NSA went rogue. We have all these leaks in the newspapers, The New York Times and the Washington Post that anybody can read and see and Barack Obama didn’t know anything? Poor Barack Obama, poor Joe Biden. The fact of the matter is, they’ve never been asked. They’ve never been asked about any role they’ve had.”

“This is a massive coverup of the greatest scandal in American history. We expect and we don’t like it when the Russians interfere with our elections, or the Chinese or the Iranians or the North Koreans, they’re the enemy and they ought to pay for it. But we don’t expect the Obama administration and the Democrats to interfere with elections, to send spies into the opposition party’s campaign. To lie to a federal court, to fix evidence…that’s why all along I’ve been calling this a silent coup,” he continued. “This tells us that Obama knew…the fact of the matter is Barack Obama knew all about this.”

Think about it.  The current generation of Americans has already experienced two magnanimous historical events —  a man-made, world-wide catastrophic health and economic environment based on an a**-backwards response to a potential pandemic; and an overt coup d’etat by a departing US President that attempted to corrupt the entire apparatus of the federal government to support his Machiavellian plans.

All we can hope for is Obama resigning from… Netflix

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