Who is in Charge at the White House?


Can anyone believe that this is our state of affairs in our country?


September 22, 2021

We American citizens should accept the fact that we are a bunch of schnooks.  We accepted the grossly manipulated election and we now accept the presidential cabal of a group of Marxists running our country.

It appears that the key influencers around Biden in their role in guiding the president.


September 3, 2021

Some pertinent comix from brother Ronn:



August 28, 2021

Here is a scary scenario envisioned by Kunstler:

Some of said bigwigs, including the managing parties behind “Joe Biden,” might be cooking up a neat operation in which “Joe Biden” resigns, Ms. Harris gets elevated to POTUS… Ms. Harris appoints Barack Obama vice-president… and then Ms. Harris resigns, making the popular ex-president president again. The 22nd Amendment only prevents presidents from being elected more than twice, not from being appointed by happenstance. Would they dare? Well, why not? They dared to engineer some pretty audacious election hijinks in 2020.


August 27, 2021

Who really believes this charade perpetuated by the Leftist Democrats?  Starting with an illicit election and followed by a demented puppet playing the role of President.

Biden kicked-off the Q&A portion of his recent briefing by saying, “Ladies and gentlemen, they gave me a list here. The first person I was instructed to call on was Kelly O’Donnell of NBC.”


August 21, 2021

Here is another cartoon that appropriately lampoons the contrived situation that 300 million US citizens are having to endure:

It would appear that the Manchurian Marxist Moslem (AKA Obama) and the Leftists running the cabal behind Biden are doing everything in their power to establish an environment that they believe will lead to the acceptance of Communism:

  1. Shutting down the normal operation of the developed western civilizations to cripple their economies (mostly destroying the wealth of the middle class);
  2. Using shutdowns and mandates to get citizens accustomed to taking detailed orders from their Government (“boiling the frog” syndrome);
  3. Introducing hyperinflation by printing money for the lower class while simultaneously starving businesses of workers (introducing a further transfer of wealth);
  4. Diminishing the global standing of the United States by openly executing military debacles (leads to conquering of other territories by the Communist nations and enemies of the United States);
  5. Reducing the strategic self-sufficiency of the United States by shutting down energy production (leads to dependence on other Communist and third-world nations);
  6. Releasing felony criminals from prison and reducing the enforcement of basic lawfulness (introducing misery and chaos into the daily lives of US citizens);
  7. Eliminating any sense of sovereign US borders or standard immigration protocols for people entering the country (enabling the expansion of terrorism with the borders of the country).


July 23, 2021

This is a good one:


July 8, 2021

It’s about time others have started to catch-on to the obvious… we have an executive branch of our federal government that was “selected” by hijacking the election; and the stooges pretending to be the President and Vice President are likely the most incompetent (mentally and intellectually) in US history.

A recent poll shows that a majority of Americans, including almost a third of Democrats, believe Biden isn’t calling the shots for the White House.

We are consistently being snookered by the Leftists that have hijacked our country.


June 15, 2021

An interesting analysis from James Kunstler that appears to make a lot of sense:

Here is why the “Joe Biden” regime only has a few months to live: it is caught in a squeeze between some of the greatest lies in world history, and they’re all unraveling now. Anyway, “Joe Biden” is not really functioning as president of the US; he’s just the doddering, photo-op front-man for a kind of politburo centered around Barack Obama, and that group lives in terror of being found-out, which it will be, despite its capture of the traditional news and social media….

You can see the horizon on the “Joe Biden” administration, with sunset probably due this fall. How it will play-out is anybody’s guess. Mine is that, one way or another, some military caretaker administration may have to interrupt the 232-year-long cavalcade of governance led by legitimately-elected presidents.


June 2, 2021

This is a great summary about the puppet being manipulated by the Manchurian Marxist Moslem:

It’s no big secret that Joe Biden has the IQ of toe cheese. He was a blithering idiot even before this blank-eyed, empty-headed Biden incarnation we’re being subjected to came on the scene. America is now suffering under a lethal combination of Biden’s natural stupidity and the fact that his diminished capacity makes him so easily manipulated by the false narrative pimps. Some of the most awful people in the land can make the president of the United States lie about anything.


May 14, 2021

Here is another perspective, based on recent public comments from the puppet president… What does it mean when the so-called Leader of the Free World Tells Reporters: “I’m Not Supposed to be Answering All Your Questions”.

Who is Biden’s “boss”?  Why isn’t anyone asking this question?


March 27, 2021

Another commentary:

Who or what is this shadow government? I’d say it amounts to a small group around former president Obama and former attorney general Eric Holder, plus a coterie of Intel Community figures led by John Brennan, all awkwardly funneling instructions through Susan Rice to the hacks in the White House, who form a flimsy cocoon around the barely-pulsating organism within: Mr. Biden. I will boldly suggest that this cabal is actually controlling the executive branch of the government, and doing it with stunning incompetence. If it sounds like a conspiracy, that’s probably because it is a conspiracy.


March 23, 2021

Well, duuuuuh!   Who could have pondered that his highness, the Manchurian Marxist Moslem, is the puppeteer behind Biden?   As if the policies and patterns behind these executive orders were a great mystery.  As reported today:

When Joe Biden stepped into office, conservatives all across the country were concerned that a Biden Presidency would just be a “third” Obama term…and the White House just confirmed that it’s actually happening.

During her press briefing on Monday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki admitted that the two men “consult and talk about a range of issues”.


March 21, 2021

It’s astounding that this is all happening in plain sight — The Manchurian Marxist Moslem and his gang stole a national election for President and they are now taking the country down a rabbit hole of craziness.   All of this equality crap is a well-crafted ruse and diversion to support the demise of the US of A. Here are comments from another expose on how the citizens of America are being snookered by the leftist Democrats:

Joe is what is called in the business world a hatchet man, someone who is brought in to do unpopular things, change procedures, fire people, cut salaries and, when his task is done, he is usually fired himself. Joe’s good at it because this nasty-by-nature man has no empathy for the thousands he puts out of work.

Soon Joe’s time will be up, the Executive Orders all filed, and the leftist congressional crap signed on the dotted line. He’ll then be moved out to pasture.

We are now the second-class citizens who are not supposed to exist in our country, with no hope, only devastating change on the horizon. We remain for the most part under lockdown, unemployed, without insurance or welfare. Is this what the Obama/Biden campaign slogan of “hope and change” really meant?


March 7, 2021

An excellent Townhall summary that describes the current deteriorating status of our great country:

Defying 100 years of tradition. No actual press access. A press secretary who is as useless as an answering machine. And a codger so befuddled by his daily activities that even when he has note cards in his suit pocket to use, he can’t seem to make heads or tails of where he is, what he’s doing or even who he’s speaking to.

Who is running the actual show for the Democrats?

Most likely former President Obama, through his agents like Susan Rice. Executive actions grabbing more power corruptly. Bankrupting the nation with spending beyond what the mind can fathom, and eventually, the complete implosion of our currency, standing, and ability to exist.

Questionable elections followed by massive power shifts and a breaking of any kind of checks and balances are exactly how much of the west has moved from genuine representative government to socialist shell governments posing as democracies.


March 5, 2021

I always find it amusing when mainstream media articles make comments such as “Joe Biden today made an executive decision about… ”   My guess is that Biden’s challenging decisions are about what color of Depends to wear each day.

Here is another good commentary that joins in on the question about who is really running this nation at the “White House Committee”:

Can anyone just tell us who the hell is running our federal government right now?   You literally get censored out of existence for suggesting that anyone other than Joe Biden won the election last November. Yet there is no evidence today — four months later — that Mr. Biden is actually serving as president.

Who is the president of the United States right now?

It’s only logical to assume that the folks currently running the “Office of the US President” and printing trillions of dollars for themselves are the same people that manipulated the election for this travesty…   I would place my bet that it’s the guy that originated the strategy behind Obamagate.

The extreme policies that are supposedly coming from Biden are being assigned to him because he is disposable.  The hard leftists do not care about the public’s opinions or outcomes because Biden is in place to specifically absorb all the negative reactions.  When Biden is removed from office, the Obama minions will use Harris in the same way to move America further to the left.


February 28, 2021

Some pertinent observations from Kunstler:

How long will it be before the public realizes that Mr. Biden is being strictly concealed from view by his managers?…  And who’s calling the shots behind this false front? Some committee chaired by Susan Rice? With directives coming into the Oval Office by messenger from Barack Obama’s Kalorama fortress, with, say, Eric Holder, Rahm Emmanuel, David Axelrod, John Brennan, and a few others charting the daily play-by-play?

The ongoing spectacle of the missing head-of-state is inching beyond embarrassing… Of course, the cruelest scene in this scenario will be the big manufactured hoo-hah celebrating Kamala Harris as the first female president — which in itself may be difficult to pull off, since so many Democrats have declared there’s no such thing as two sexes.


February 25, 2021

Thinking beyond the irregularity of this request, this letter indirectly is an acknowledgement by many Democrats that Biden is not fit to be President

Thirty-one Democrats wrote a letter to Biden, asking him to relinquish his nuclear authority. We all know that Biden is old and has diminished mental capacity, and is controlled by his extreme leftist handlers, but this letter rises to the level of total stupidity.


February 22, 2021

The commentary from Wayne Allyn Root is spot-on, but I’ll have to lay claim to making the assertion more than a month ago that the Manchurian Marxist Moslem (Obama) is the leader of Biden’s hard-left cabal…


February 21, 2021

The obvious characterization of Biden’s role in this charade is starting to spread around the nation.  According to a new poll of likely American voters , a majority believe that President Biden is just a puppet of the radical left.

Fifty-four percent (54%) of Likely U.S. Voters say they agree with this statement: “Joe Biden’s not the moderate nice guy that they made him out to be. He’s a puppet of the radical left.”


February 16,  2021

Another good cartoon with a humorous depiction…  You can certainly sense that the Manchurian Marxist Moslem is back in action.


January 26, 2021

There you go.  Someone (in this case Branco over at Legal Insurrection) finally made the same astute observation and decided to draw attention to the situation with the “puppet president”…  Perhaps people will realize that Obama is similar to Putin. He is bypassing laws to serve a third term as President.


January 26, 2021

These headlines at one popular web site — “Guess who already set the record for most executive orders issued in his first week?” — show just how out of touch some of these commentators are in recognizing the political realities.  Yes, the Xiden administration is quickly ruling by unprecedented executive fiat.  However, the editorialists appear to miss the more important fact that Biden is a dementia-addled know-nothing that is the ultimate shell of a human for the leftist puppet masters.

Does anyone seriously think Biden sat down with advisors and initiated these aggressive plans?  His job is to play figurehead and sign presidential orders on behalf of the hard left alumni led by Obama and his minions.

Biden served his purpose as the “moderate” stealth candidate hiding in the basement and avoiding any unscripted discussions.  Later this year, the Democrats will show their “nobility” by acknowledging Biden’s lack of mental competence, and the back-office cigar chomping manipulators will use the 25th Amendment to install an even more pliable figurehead president.


January 22, 2021

It doesn’t appear that any pundits are quarreling about Mr. Biden’s diminished mental capacity.  Thus, it’s interesting that nobody has publicly asked the most basic question about the guy moving into the Oval Office.  That is, who is really making these hard-left policy decisions and running the show?

The current situation with Biden is the polar opposite of that with Trump — namely, Trump appeared to make most of his decisions based on his own logic and rationale without loyalty to anyone.   Meanwhile, Biden is surely being micro-managed by the same central party of leftists who have their own particular agenda that is slowly being revealed.

In the long-term, which do you think will be better for our country — An abrasive Trump making his own unilateral decisions, or an incoherent Biden figurehead following the instructions of a secret cabal?

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