Worst College Basketball Game Ever

The recent Dayton Flyers basketball game against Temple was one of the most poorly played games that I have ever witnessed.  I could not believe that a highly-touted Division I basketball team could only muster 13 points during 20 minutes of play…

It’s hard to point the finger at coach Gregory.  He’s wasn’t on the floor shooting the ball. Nevertheless, Mr. Gregory does not get off scot-free.  First, his tactical coaching decisions are being called into question by fellow coaches.  For example, during a recent 2-point UD loss, Duquesne coach Ron Everhart was quoted questioning some of Gregory’s decisions.  Second, the Dayton players are starting to question the whimsical “platooning” system of trying to give 11 players time on the court.  It often seems that as soon as a player finds his “shooting zone”, he often finds himself on the bench taking a rest.

Perhaps the Flyers can finish the season with a flourish… otherwise, it’s time for the NIT again.

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