The Most Manipulative Manchurian Marxist Moslem

My family hates it when I call “you-know-who” a Manchurian Marxist Moslem. However, I stand by my position that Obama is the most corrupt President since I’ve been old enough to vote. This man operates with impunity when manipulating the citizens of this country.

All you have to do is review his efforts over the last 18 months: his involvement with former Illinois Governor Blagojevich; his relationship with convicted felon Tony Rezko; his embracing of America’s enemies in deference to our allies; his misleading statements about the cost of Obamacare; the manipulation of government-owned General Motors; and his attempt to take further government control of Wall Street.

During my lifetime, there have been plenty of other Presidents with questionable ethics (e.g., Richard Nixon), but they were all “manipulation amateurs” compared to Mr. O’bama.

How much can the American public tolerate?

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