Jewish Speaker and Moslem Student Discuss Terrorism

This took place at an recent event at UCSD… it’s worth the three minutes to watch:


I know, I know… the gal must have a sound intellectual reason for wanting all Jews dead… They’ll probably accept her for PhD work at Brandeis.

I know, I know… it’s only a small portion of Moslems that are radical Jew-haters (hmmm… what’s 10% of 1,000,000,000?)

As they say in the Pepsi commercial:  WAKE UP!

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  1. This young women is the future if we don’t do something. I remember my grandmother saying she was glad she was as old as she was and my Father now says the same thing. These radical peoples birth rates are out pacing other groups. Unlike young idealistic democrats who want to save the world and are to young to understand economics and humn nature, who later become Republican’s. This woman is evil and full of hate that will never leave her body. Her group has learned our “Humane” and all caring system and can exploit it ! Our own AG Eric Holder can’t even say the word Islam Extremest. Something bad is gone to happen for people to wake up. It always does…

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