Bengals Offense from USC or OSU?

I happened to catch the last part of the Bengals vs Ravens game, and I was able to observe another anemic offensive performance led by Bengals quarterback, Carson Palmer.  You may recall that Palmer is the USC product that loves to disrespect the state of Ohio…   I also caught notice that all that the Bengals had no touchdowns and 15 points came from the foot of OSU product, Mike Nugent.

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  1. Mike Nugent from Dayton, Ohio! NOOOOOOOOGGGG! The name fans would shout when he stepped onto the field to kick at Ohio State.

    He is living the dream of a Dayton kid. The dream of watching your two favorite football teams – the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Cincinnati Bengals and hoping to play for both teams someday. Not only is he able to play for both of them, but he has been a superstar for both teams.

    Nugent is off to an excellent start with the Bengals and was named AFC Offensive Special Teams Player of the Month.

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