Capitalism vs Socialism in the US Heartland

It’s hard to ignore what is happening in Wisconsin and Ohio … The Governors of these respective states are working to reduce deficits by cutting the largess that has been provided to unionized government workers for the past 20 years.   In response, the unions (with the support of Obama) are out in full force protecting their ill-gotten rewards.

There are some important facts that are difficult for the pampered government bureaucrats to rationalize: most private industry workers are typically paying 25% of their insurance premiums, while most unionized public sector employees are paying less than 10%.  In addition, nearly all private sector workers must contribute a portion of their salaries to their own retirement plans, while government employees often retire with a taxpayer-funded pension before age 60.

The taxpayers of Wisconsin and Ohio are tired of the “Manchurian Socialism” and made that statement with their votes in November.  The next few weeks are very important for our country.  Mr. Walker and Mr. Kasich can lead us with a re-birth of Capitalism in the heartland of America, or we could see Socialism prevail.  The outcome will have a tremendous impact on our nation’s future.

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  1. I agree whole heartedly !! Can you believe Ted Strickland protested with the Unions in the capitol ? Talk about trying to divide and undermine someone’s efforts !!! Can you imagine the back lash if the Republicans would have done something like this after he replaced Taft !!!

    Double standard

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