Rick Santorum’s Farewell Speech

Rick Santorum is the one US Senator who clearly understands the challenge to freedom that the US presently faces…  He recently gave a farewell speech to his fellow Congressmen.   I’ve excerpted some of the key points below.  You can find the complete text at 910 Group Blog.   Unfortunately, I guarantee that in the next five years we are going to come back and examine his words again, and say, “damn, Rick was right”.

I defined the enemy back at the National Press Club speeches as Islamic fascism…  Whether we know it or not, they have been at war with us, and the State of Iran specifically has been at war with us, since 1979 when they declared war against the United States. They have not rescinded that declaration. So when we talk about engaging Iran as the Secretary, the new, future Secretary of Defense has talked about, we are talking about engaging someone who is at war with us, who has declared war with us, and who has been at war…

So what do we have? We have the Baker-Hamilton report which is a prescription for surrender. It is just a matter of time. It is certainly not a prescription for victory. Nowhere does it mention, other than of course that we would like victory, nor is there a prescription for victory in that report…

Islamic terrorists organized an assault on civilian aircraft leaving London, planning to blow up 10 or more planes this summer as they flew over the North Atlantic. You may not know that two of those participants were a husband and a wife, a husband and a wife who were going to board that plane and explode that plane over the North Atlantic while holding in their arms their 6-month-old child. This is evil

Winston Churchill wrote in “The Gathering Storm” a short description of the gathering storm: How the English-speaking peoples, through their unwisdom, carelessness and good nature allowed the wicked to rearm.  We are at such a moment. Are we going to allow the wicked to rearm? We paid a terrible price for waiting. We look at each war, each major conflict, we paid a terrible price for waiting…

This is the hour that we need leadership, Churchillian leadership, who had a keen eye for the enemy and a resolve in spite of the political climate to confront it. I ask my colleagues to stand and make this America’s finest hour.

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