Remembering Moslem Atrocities

Of course, today is the 10-year anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks by a group of Moslems that were hell-bent on destroying western culture…  forget all of  the weepy commemorations and pundit articles.  Just read the viewpoint from Mark Steyn in a recent issue of the Orange Country Register.  A few excerpts:

How are America’s allies remembering the real victims of 9/11? “Muslim Canucks Deal With Stereotypes Ten Years After 9/11,” reports CTV in Canada. And it’s a short step from stereotyping to criminalizing. “How The Fear Of Being Criminalized Has Forced Muslims Into Silence,” reports The Guardian in Britain. … And so we commemorate an act of war as a “tragic event,” and we retreat to equivocation, cultural self-loathing, and utterly fraudulent misrepresentation about the events of the day.

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