The 20 Warning Signs that You’re a Bureaucrat

1. You actually believe that the more employee rules you have, the fewer employee problems.
2. You know your exact retirement date even though it’s more than five years away.
3. You boast that you wouldn’t make an exception to the rules ”for God Himself.”
4. You know more employees than customers.
5. You keep a copy of your job description handy for defensive purposes.
6. You could call a policy manual a ”tool” and no one would laugh.
7. You have to fill out a reorder form to get more reorder forms.
8. You worry that your department might come in under budget.
9. Co-workers could set their watches by your morning trip to the restroom.
10. You are too busy to experiment.
11. You would never compliment a co-worker without thinking through the consequences.
12. You have memorized a list of rules for ”casual day” dress.
13. You get suspicious when you hear laughter at work.
14. You avoid making decisions because it might get you noticed.
15. You consider completing requisition forms an ”art.”
16. You find yourself looking forward to meetings.
17. Let’s skip this one.
18. It bothers you that we skipped the previous one.
19. You organize every workday around leaving on time.
20. You find yourself agreeing with the statement, ”Work isn’t supposed to be fun — that’s why they call it WORK, stupid!”

Hat tip to Louie

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