What’s New in 21st Century Warfare?

The last major transformation in warfare occurred during the 1930s. These changes were all played out during World War II. We’ve spent the rest of the 20th century trying to digest all those changes. But as we enter the 21st century, another critical mass of ideas and technologies are coming together to trigger another radical transformation in how wars are fought…. There are a collection of new technologies and trends that, taken together, have created a remarkably new way to make war. The new technologies and trends include;

Robots. Combat robots have sneaked into the military, without many people in, or out of, uniform paying a lot of attention.

Battlefield Internet. With Internet stuff, and Internet savvy troops, a lot of the new technology was being invented by the users.

Persistent presence. Being able to watch the battlefield from the air for hours on end is an enormous advantage.

via Murphy’s Law: 21st Century War, How It Will Be Different And Why.

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