Tennis Racquets

I typically play tennis around three times per week… I use the Head Ti-S6 tennis racquet (pictured below), which has a very light and stiff titanium-matrix composite frame.   When the racquet was introduced five years ago, it cost approximately $250.  Today, the racquet is no longer manufactured, but I can typically find it for $79.  

I have my racquets strung with “hybrid” strings (i.e., nylon in the mains and synthetic gut in the crosses), and I often use “string savers” to extend the life of my $30 stringing jobs.  I also use Head vibration dampeners to ensure that my racquets don’t have that annoying “ping”.

I ordinarily carry 4 of these Head racquets with me in my tennis bag… Well, I’ve broken the strings on 3 of the racquets in the last week, and I actually had one of the racquets de-laminate at the handle last month.   Thus, I am currently out of tennis racquets.


Maybe it’s an omen from God, or time for me to find another racquet model…


  1. I think you should dump the Head rackets and start over with another company. And send the old ones to my office for futher testing.

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