Learning About OPM…

“OPM Is the real problem, not the IRS”…  Famous phrase that explains much about macroeconomics. (Note: OPM – Other People’s Money) http://feedly.com/k/18g5xsU    

What’s Happened at the Education Department?

Over the past six decades, the number of students in public schools doubled. Meanwhile, the number of non-teaching staff grew by eight times. Non-teaching staff means assistant principles, associate principals, secretaries, social workers, etc. Twenty-one states now have more school

Greece Reducing the Size of Government

The Greek government began its first mass-firing of public-sector workers in more than 100 years this week, part of an effort to lay off 180,000 by 2015 under Europe-imposed austerity. via Greece starts firing civil servants for first time in

Politics and the Economy

Do you really think that the country can take on the policies of the Manchurian Marxist Moslem and not experience any negative consequences?  Do you really think that we can incorporate Obamacare into our economy and watch the nation grow?