What’s the Future for Health Care Cost?

Update Well, the day has finally arrived where Obamacare is being challenged in the US Supreme Court…  Reason magazine highlights the illogical position taken by the Obama administration: The Obama administration argued to the U.S. Supreme Court this week that

Equality Everywhere… Including Tennis?

When I encountered this headline at USA Today I determined that Obama indeed has changed our culture : “Occupy tennis? Income inequality grows on ATP Tour”. The author notes: …income inequality in men’s tennis that’s not unlike the wealth disparity

The Federal Budget and OPM

I always view the issue of “Other People’s Money” as the primary source of economic problems.   OPM is the core problem with healthcare costs…  Of course, OPM is the opiate for the Obama supporters.  Thus, the focus on the

Obama and Energy Costs

Yep, a common theme for the last three years…  Obama doesn’t have a clue about economics and wealth creation.   His administration doesn’t understand the likely impacts of his “brilliant” social engineering.  The mindless attempt to raise the cost of

Negotiating with the Devil

When Israel swapped nearly 1000 terrorists for one citizen in a “prisoner exchange”, they established a very bad precedent…  we’re now seeing part two of that situation play out in Egypt with the use of kidnapped US citizens being used