Meritocracy in the US

A great article about restoring meritocracy to the United States…  a few excerpts: To this day, Americans are unusually supportive of meritocracy, and their support goes a long way toward explaining their embrace of American-style capitalism… In politics, for example—a

Where are They Now?

Where are the men that were instrumental in bringing the housing crisis to the United States? Here’s a quick look into the three former Fannie Mae executives who brought down Wall Street. Franklin Raines – the Chairman and Chief Executive

The Loss of American Leadership

Another great article from Mark Steyn: History will be devastating in its indictment of us for our squandering of the “unipolar” moment. During those two decades, a China flush with American dollars has gobbled up global resources, a reassertive Islam

Most Overpriced Steakhouse

I used to think that Fleming’s was priced at the upper end of the scale.  However, it’s clear that the most overpriced steakhouse is easily Morton’s… evidently many people are taken-in by the prestige pricing of $50 for a USDA filet