Modern Military Aircraft

This is a photo of the Global Hawk UAV that returned from the war zone recently under its own power from Iraq to California. Notice the mission paintings on the fuselage… It’s actually over 250 missions (And I would suppose

Tenure can be Deadly

Who knew that not receiving the coveted “tenure” at a university could lead to a shooting rampage?  Evidently, Amy Bishop,  a professor of Biology, shot three of her colleagues at the University of Alabama at Huntsville (sounds like she didn’t like the

Catching or Slaying the Bear

The Washington Examiner asks about the Obama team, “How could such smart people do so many stupid things?” Here is an excerpt: The same people who directed the campaign that defeated Hillary Clinton and routed John McCain, a campaign that raised

Do Passenger Trains Make Sense for Ohio?

Evidently, Ohio has been “awarded” $400 million from the Federal Government to build passenger train service that covers Cincinnati-Dayton-Columbus-Cleveland.  As expected, the local media in Dayton is strongly in favor of the spending and urges its readers to ignore the

Our Economic Challenges

While I don’t typically look to George Will for lessons on economics, he has a recent editorial that does a nice job explaining the challenges that the O’bama administration has placed on our country.  A few excerpts: Today, Americans are