The Most Challenging Questions

There are two high-brow questions about science and economics that I find most vexing: 1) If the Universe is finite with a specific beginning, what was there before there was a Universe? 2) If America has an insurmountable amount of debt,

Greece Ready to Default on Debt?

More on the Economic Canary in the Coal Mine….  Greek Elections Are Making Europeans Feel Very Nervous: The party argues that Greece can never recover unless it gets at least some debt forgiveness, something which neither the Eurozone nor the

WTF is a ‘Diversity Officer’?

The pendulum is not yet swinging back to reality. After several incidents some called “racist,” the Atlanta Hawks announced that it has hired its first “diversity officer.” The team has named Nzinga Shaw as the organization’s first Chief Diversity and

Totalitarian Apple

It’s not just me… buying an Apple product is similar to voting for Obama — An IQ test:  I have always been amazed at all the goodwill Apple gets for being somehow friendlier and more open to creative individuals than

Hail in Napa Valley

Missy and I just visited Napa Valley… One month after an earthquake struck the Napa area, the region was pounded by an incredibly rare hailstorm Friday afternoon… KPIX 5 meteorologist Paul Deanno reported six inches of hail in the Napa area.