Reliable Movie Reviews

My wife and I are frequent moviegoers, and we try to research films that appeal to us before we lay down the $9 for a seat.  I’ve often used the Yahoo Movie site because it provided a summary rating from the

Technology, Marketplaces, & Wealth

I’ve been looking for a decent treatise for my sons, which explains the interrelationships of technology, marketplaces, and wealth.  I recently found a book by Andy Kessler called, “How We Got Here”, that does an admirable job providing a pragmatic

US Auto Industry and the UAW

In a recent article in the Detroit Free Press, Thomas Bray discusses the high cost of corporate welfare for the auto unions… “Even now many UAW members consider a job in the auto industry a sort of property right. And

Software Licenses … and Buggy Whips?

In the article, “Will Oracle Ditch Licenses”, eWeek examines the move to Sotware as a Service (SAAS).  At a recent conference, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison stoked speculation that the company is looking toward becoming a software subscription business… “Industry contacts

MythBusters & Robots

For those of you that enjoy MythBusters on cable television, there is an article in Robot magazine, which describes their recent experience using Radio Shack’s new VEX Robotics Design System… this looks like a step-up for those of us that have

US Navy Phasing Out the F-14

The airplane made famous in the Tom Cruise movie “Top Gun“, is nearing retirement.  The US Navy is phasing out the F-14 Tomcat (see photo below) by the end of 2006 in favor of the F-18 multi-role fighter.

New DVD Formats

When DVD burners opened up to the consumer market a few years ago, I spent a considerable amount of time comparing the +R, –R, RW, formats.  I finally purchased my first Sony DVD burner when it was the first that

Consumer-driven Health Care

At our place of business, we’ve been hit with a major increase in our medical premium rates.  Of course, what makes this even more aggravating is that the insurance carriers do not really offer any valid justification for the major rate increase. In