Engineering View on Global Warming

If you want to read a series of pragmatic comments about global warming, check out Mechanical Engineering Design News… As an engineer that prefers to make business decisions based on the scientific process, I think that you will find that many scientists and

Are We an Over-medicated Society?

I’ve always been concerned about the prevalent use of pharmaceuticals to treat every malady that we face.   When my sons were young, they frequently had inner ear infections where the usual treatment was a dosage of strawberry-flavored Amoxicillin (I used to suggest

Modern Cinematography is Amazing

You probably remember the opening scene from “Saving Private Ryan“.  This is where the American soldiers land on Omaha Beach in the middle of the German machine gun emplacements.  This scene cost Steven Spielberg and company millions of $ to

Another Tech Bubble Coming?

If you worked at a technology company (software, internet, etc.) during 1999 to 2001, you know about this reality called the “tech bubble” or the “dot-bomb” era.  This was the period of time when Venture Capital companies were bankrolling worthless ideas

Who Wants to be Green?

It used to drive my sister crazy when I would tell her that I’ll start recycling bottles and cans as soon as the refuse company makes it economically viable for me to do so…  Guess what, I’m not the only