Asteroids vs Climate Change

Evidently a city-crushing asteroid came very close to the planet that we call ‘home’: The last-minute detection is yet another sign of how much remains unknown about space and a sobering reminder of the very real threat asteroids can pose…

Gardening Progress 2019

A few snapshots of my plants (mostly grown from seeds or tubers).  The first is my grape plant, the second is a snap pea plant (that is growing like crazy), and the third is a photo of one of my

Knee High by Fourth of July

It’s a common phrase in the corn-growing Midwestern States: “Knee High by Fourth of July“.  It’s a reference to the height of the corn stalks in the growing season. In reality, the hybrid corn grown in Ohio has often been

Devastation in Dayton?

It’s now more than a month since the destructive tornado winds passed through Southwest Ohio — and as evidenced by a photo that I took today of a home in the Trotwood area (see below) — there are still many

Progress with the Garden

Update We’re now rolling into August and there has been plenty of rain to water the lawn and flowers.  We’ve had a bountiful harvest of raspberries and watermelon, and the morning glories are still blooming (see photos below). .  

Memphis Belle at the Air Force Museum

There were major new articles today about the completion of the Memphis Belle restoration: James Verinis’s children never met their grandfather, Jim Verinis, a co-pilot on the iconic World War II B-17 Memphis Belle.  But this week, they will connect