I have Physical Ailment Known as 3T

If you haven’t heard of 3T disease, then you’ve most likely have had limited exposure to using a laptop computer…  3T is formally known as “Trackpad Torsional Tendinitis” and it is becoming a common ailment for us prolific laptop computer

Most Common Passwords

An interesting list from Modern Life… Based on a study in the United Kingdom, they identified the 10 most commonly used passwords on the Internet… #10 is thomas, while #1 is … drum roll… 123.

The Future of Software

Adobe, a leading maker of graphic and Web design software, earns most of its money through the sales of packaged software that runs locally on a computer’s hard drive… but it has started offering some of its applications online as

Jamming Radar

You may recall seeing the news that Israeli warplanes attacked a suspected nuclear site in Syria… The venerable Aviation Week & Space Technology came out with its guesses as to how Israel was able to bypass the Syrian air defense

Memory, Beliefs, and Facts

This is a very interesting story in the Washington Post on the impact of the human brain’s tendency to think that easily recalled things are true.    The story observes that “conventional response to myths and urban legends is to counter

Technology Meets the Hockey Skate

I recall when hockey skates changed from stamped steel supports to impact-resistant plastic.  This really didn’t change the performance of skating.  It only made skates look high-tech, and frankly that’s been the only advancement in the hockey skate in the last