Interesting Scientific Predictions

While researching the current state-of-the-art in concurrent engineering, I came across an interesting list of prognostications, which today obviously look ridiculous.  These famous people actually made these statements: 1) “Everything that can be invented has been invented.” – Charles H.

Nuclear Weapons in Syria?

My buddy, Mike Belcher, pointed out an article in the Wall Street Journal that speculates about “Israel’s Silence on Syria speaks volumes”.  The article suggests that Israeli warplanes were targeting a nuclear materials shipment from North Korea…

World’s Tallest Building

If the Moslems are looking for a new target for their airplanes that don’t land, may I suggest the new office tower in Dubai?  For those of you not aware, this building, which is still under construction, is now the

Internet Transcends Life

I had an eerie experience yesterday…  I happened to be cleaning out some of my ‘favorite’ web site links on my laptop computer and came across the bookmark from my deceased best friend David P. Wittman.  Since Dave passed away

More Bad News for Microsoft Vista

This is for son Leonard…  PCLaunch notes that the popularity of Windows XP is still making things difficult for Vista. Now Vista has again suffered a major setback, with Lenovo (Olympic 2008′ official sponsor) installing XP on it’s machines to