Very Light Jets

There are a new breed of smaller, cheaper jets, powered by compact, superlight engines that could transform the face of aviation. These are planes from companies with names such as Eclipse, Adam, etc.  They typically carry three to four passengers (in addition

Alternative Energy Production

In life, there is the simple belief that “there is no such thing as a free lunch.”  In science and engineering, there is a law that nothing comes for free.  This is known as the conservation of energy — you

Wireless Electricity?

An interesting technical project at MIT… they appear to have discovered a way to provide electricity without wires.  Details about WiTricity, or wireless electricity, are scheduled to be reported today in Science Express, the advance online publication of the journal Science.

Arecibo Telescope to be Shutdown?

I have visited the Arecibo telescope in Puerto Rico twice in the last six years.  This is the world’s largest radio telescope, which was featured in the movies “Contact” and “James Bond”…  According to a recent study, Engineers will travel

Who Needs a Real Estate Agent?

During the “dot-bomb” era, everyone believed that the Internet was going to “dis-intermediate” all of the middle men in business transactions.  Of course, this didn’t happen quite as expected… Now, we’re finally seeing an interesting use of the Internet to

Convergence of Home Video and Photos

For all of our family vacations, I typically drag along our Canon SD 700 6-megapixel camera along with our Canon Elura 40 Mini-DV tape camcorder.  For the last five years, I’ve been searching for a decent quality unit that combines

Israeli Robot

According to Popular Mechanics, the Israeli-manufactured VIPeR (Versatile, Intelligent, Portable Robot) is a tough military robot.  Designed to act as a partner to dismounted troops in urban environments, the 9-in.-tall, 25-pound VIPeR can accept various sensor packages, including infrared cameras