US Soldier – Standard Gear

It’s interesting how the standard equipment that a soldier carries has changed over the years.  When we visited the National D-Day Museum in New Orleans in 2005, there was an exhibit that showed all of the gear issued to the army

Top 10 Lessons for Software Developers

Developer Andres Taylor shares his experience in software development with this gem: “Top ten things ten years of professional software development has taught me.” There are some decent insights on this list, and if you’re a developer you should take

Engineering Phrases… and Their Real Meanings

Some Commonly Used Engineering Phrases.. and their real meanings: Statement: “A major technological breakthrough.” Real Meaning: It works OK, but looks very hi-tech.  Statement: “Preliminary Operational Tests were inconclusive.” Real Meaning: The darn thing blew up when we threw the

A-10 Firepower

We happen to be doing some work on the A-10 for the US Air Force.  I thought that Kon and Bob would enjoy seeing the “warthog” in action… [youtube]L9HlfjM4WOo[/youtube] 3 min 30 sec

Buying Technology Gadgets

This is an interesting summary of tips to consider when buying technology gadgets… The FreeGeek dispenses some free advice on the 8 rules for buying.  You can read the details on his site, or see the summary list here: 1.

Digital Rights Management

An interesting development in Digital Rights Management (DRM)… The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has dropped its subscription to the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) web-based database of technical papers over the use of DRM.  The SAE refuses to allow any

Global Warming – the Long View

ABC News International came out with the best perspective on global warming: “From the Babylon of Gilgamesh to the post-Eden of Noah, every age has viewed climate change cataclysmically, as retribution for human greed and sinfulness… Sea levels have been

Crichton’s New Novel: Next

If a business destination is within 4 hours driving time (i.e., Chicago, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, etc), I typically drive my car so I can avoid the trouble of flying.  When I used to drive by myself years ago, I would typically