Hacks into HD-DVD Access Protection

A mysterious man known as Muslix64 has already hacked past the latest copy/access protection scheme for the next generation HD-DVDs… and naturally he posted the code on the Internet.  This article in Slyck News gives you technical folks greater insights

Science and Politics

Michael Crichton is a world-famous author, having written great stories such as “Andromeda Strain”, “Jurassic Park”, and “ER” to name just a few.   Crichton is also an accomplished scientist that uses his skills of reason to comment on the misuse of

Your Dad was Wrong

Most of us grew up thinking our fathers knew everything about cars… A recent article in Popular Mechanics outlines the top 10 myths about cars that our dads perpetuated: 1. DAD SAID: “Let the engine idle to warm up on cold days.”

Silly Putty

It’s an example of an inorganic polymer, noted for its many unusual characteristics.  It bounces, it breaks when given a sharp blow, it can flow like a liquid when it is slowly stretched, and it will “melt” into a puddle. 

Can Sleep Apnea Kill You?

An article in Yahoo Health asks, “Can Snoring Kill You?”   Evidently, persons with sleep apnea (lack of quality sleep from breathing problems) have a higher death rate than the average person, are five times more likely to be in a fatigue-related

Web Cameras Around Manhattan

I use a web site that streams live video of the various highways around Ohio… I’ve discovered that there is a great web site to access over 30 video and still cameras located around Manhattan island.   This New York web site