Good Mood Prevents Colds

A new scientific study suggests that people who frequently experience positive emotions are less likely to catch colds. Psychologist Sheldon Cohen and his colleagues at Carnegie Mellon University interviewed 193 healthy adults daily for two weeks and recorded the positive

Top 10 Technologies for 2007

Popular Mechanics has a new list of technologies (or at least concepts for technologies) that it claims will be big in 2007. From PRAM to BAN and SmartPills to data clouds, it’s a good summary of upcoming and in-process trends.

Red Red Wine

This posting is for my steak-eating co-diners who swill Budweiser instead of Merlot… I came across an article in the Washington Post that describes the benefits of drinking red wine.   Evidently, researchers have long been fascinated by the “French paradox” —

13 Things that Do Not Make Sense

If you’re interested in high-brow technical challenges facing mankind, you’ll like this article in NewScientistSpace.  It identifies and discusses 13 technical issues that don’t have clear explanations.  These include: 1. The placebo effect 5. Dark Matter 12. Not-so-constant constants

Centralized Conference Web Site

Confabb is a new service that offers a centralized place to find information about all kinds of conferences. The site offers everything from speaker and event reviews to photos of the events. It’s an interesting full service site that could

New San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

During my recent visit to San Fran/Oakland, I noticed a major bridge construction project underway adjacent to the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.  My first thoughts assumed that it was an additional bridge to handle all of the traffic moving to/from