Study of Cucumber Plants – Part 2

I previously observed the growth of cucumbers from plants growing along the ground versus those hanging from vertical vines… This posting is a photographic survey of some 20 cucumber plants that I developed from seed (note: cucumber plants, similar to most

More Government Control?

More Obama-led intrusion from the Government, hidden under the euphemism of “net neutrality”…  Comments from the FCC Commissioner: “The American people are being misled about President Obama’s plan to regulate the Internet.  Last week’s carefully managed rollout was designed to

The Most Challenging Questions

There are two high-brow questions about science and economics that I find most vexing: 1) If the Universe is finite with a specific beginning, what was there before there was a Universe? 2) If America has an insurmountable amount of debt,

Major Tree Downage

We had 50 mph winds in Ohio yesterday, and unfortunately one of my 25′ tall Bradford Pear trees split in half…  I used my trusty Ryobi chain saw to reduce the mess to something manageable for the tree crew to

The Universe is Expanding?

I don’t really understand this statement from a scientist: We now know that our galaxy is just a speck in a universe that might be infinite and might even be getting bigger. To me, the notion of the Universe is synonymous

GM Quality?

Things keep getting worse for General Motors as the car manufacturer recalled another 8.2 million vehicles on Monday that had faulty ignition switches. This new round of recalls affects mainly midsize cars; it brings the total number of recalled GM