What Happened to the Dayton JCC?

My siblings and I attended the Dayton Jewish Community Center in Northwest Dayton from the 1960s to the 1990s.  We went to the spacious JCC complex for swimming, basketball, racquetball, tennis, and summer camp.   My sons also grew up spending

Snow in April in Ohio?

Yes, believe it or not, we had a forecast for freezing temperatures and 1″ of snow for April 22.  Based on my wife’s encouragement, I moved 60 potted plants to the garage or under the tarps (see first photo below).

The Most Popular Postings on this Site

These are some of the most visited and popular postings on this dzsokol.com web site: Is Anything Else Happening in the World Besides COVID? Is Greece the “Canary” for Economic Decline? Does AI Mean “Augmented Intelligence”? American Jewry & Israel

Visits to Iceland and Ireland

We just returned from a feature-packed 10-day tour of Iceland and Ireland where we stayed at a different hotel/B&B every day.  Ironically, during our vacation the weather was better in those European countries than it was in Dayton, Ohio (go

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy momma’s day to Missy!   – From your hubby and two sons. When I was eight years-old, I recall asking my mother when is ‘Children’s Day’?  And she replied that everyday is Children’s Day 🙂  

Weekend in LA

We recently took a mini-vacation in Los Angeles to celebrate Passover with some wonderful new friends.  It was our first visit to Southern California in seven years.  Even though it was a short visit, we took the time to visit

Redford and Eastwood

We recently saw two movies that are likely the last for these two great acting icons that are now in their early to late 80 years of age: Robert Redford and Clint Eastwood. The movies were both very similar in

Earth, Wind & Fire in Dayton

We recently attended the sold-out, live concert featuring Earth, Wind & Fire at the Fraze Pavillion. I became very familiar with EWF in the 1980s when I started hearing many of their songs on the radio.  Similar to the band,

Family Holiday in Miami

Missy and just returned from a 4-day family get-together along with a wedding in Miami, Florida.  It was an Eckman family reunion of sorts along with a first cousin’s wedding at the Biltmore Hotel in Miami.  We found time to