Black Tie Wedding in New York

We just returned from a black tie wedding weekend in New York.   There aren’t many events that can motivate me to dress in a tuxedo, but I did it for my niece Stefanie…  As expected, everything was first class —

Jewish Liberals – Part 26

Raphael Sonenshein, a professor at Cal State Fullerton, writes in the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles: I have been feeling angry and alienated as I watch the Democrats in Washington fritter away their electoral mandate. I’ve been asking why Barack

Shut the Shutter Island

Missy and I went to dinner and movie with our friends.  Since it was their turn to choose the entertainment, they selected the new release, “Shutter Island“.   I won’t bore you with the details.  This is a movie where the protagonist is

Dinner at the Rabbi’s Home

We just returned from Shabbat dinner at the home of Hillel and Chana Fox.   Hillel is the rabbi for Beth Jacob synagogue located about 10 minutes from our home (also the synagogue where Missy and I were married and