Dayton Restaurant is Closed Forever

Dominics restaurant, a mainstay for those eating on south Main, has been demolished.   Missy and I have many fond memories of eating there with her parents, or stopping in for a meal before a Dayton Flyers basketball game. Evidently, the

Keith is Playing Tennis

Our cousin, Keith Donoff, passed away on Sunday from cancer at the age of 54.  Keith was an avid tennis player, competing on the senior tour and playing most winters in Florida.  As shown below, Keith was ranked first in the Midwest for Men’s

Top 10 Favorite Musicians/Bands

When Erol and I take a road trip toward Pittsburgh on business, we invariably get into a, “Name-that-Tune” contest.  He has a remarkable recall for music and can identify the artist and song in no time (except the rap music, of