Customers Become Friends

It’s always nice to get together with “old” friends and catch-up on families and careers…  Jerry Heidenreich and Dick Peacock are two gentlemen that I met early in my working career while I was providing engineering support at TRW Globe

We Celebrate “Birth-weeks”

It’s official.  My son Leonard’s birthday is today (10/17), so he is now 15 years old.  However, while most people celebrate “birth-days”, my wife started a tradition a few years ago where we appear to celebrate “birth-weeks”.  That is, we

Is Canada a Lost Cause?

Everyone realizes that Canadian hockey teams can’t even win a Stanley Cup anymore (North Carolina is the current NHL champion)…  However, it’s even more interesting to note how many Canadians now act and think more like Europeans.  In fact, I was

Indian Caste System

If you’re not aware, India is infamous for its caste system that separates people into lower and upper castes.   Indians born into the lowest caste were often considered as “untouchables”. Well, based on a story in SwissInfo it appears that

Defining Equality

I wrote previously about how much I disdain the State of Michigan for its support of Affirmative Action.  Interestingly enough, the student that took the University of Michigan all the way to the US Supreme Court to challenge Affirmative Action

Radical Moslems and Sovereign Nations

Mark Steyn makes interesting observations in this article in the Chicago Sun-Times: Lebanon is a sovereign state. It has an executive and a military. But its military has less sophisticated weaponry than Hezbollah and its executive wields less authority over