Hockey and Basketball

On Monday, we made it to Nationwide Arena to watch the Columbus Blue Jackets in a National Hockey League game.   Tuesday night, we visited the University of Dayton Arena to watch the Flyers demolish the Georgia Tech Honey Bees

A Short History of Life

Interesting perspective: Of the billions and billions of species of living thing that have existed since the dawn of time, most — 99.99 percent — are no longer around. Life on Earth, you see, is not only brief but dismayingly

The Updated Exodus Movie

Missy and I went to see the update of the famous Cecil B. Demille classic, ‘The Ten Commandments’… The new version has been panned by many.  For example one reviewer commented: When it comes to director Ridley Scott’s artistic and storytelling

Obama the Marxist

“On the other hand, those who are only interested in focusing on the violence and just want the problem to go away need to recognize that we do have work to do here and we shouldn’t try to paper it

Default Voting

Advice in which I agree: …if you do vote, I have one bit of advice I always give on propositions:  Your default vote for any proposition (as it should be for legislators) should be “no”.  If its purpose is unclear,