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Is Anything Else Happening in the World?
Wednesday, March 18th, 2020 | Author:

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am weary from the overwhelming focus on the coronavirus… Frankly, people are behaving as if it’s the black plague with everyone catching skin lesions and a 50% fatality rate.

My executive summary of the situation: the combination of medical uncertainty (what is the true rate of transmission, rate of mortality, etc.) and unprecedented global visibility (worldwide access to internet news, Twitter, etc.) has resulted in the reaction that we have now.  That is, this combination has resulted in politicians taking the path most logical for them — being extremely risk averse without regard to cost/benefit.  The political “cover your rear” position is one of demonstrating to constituents that you are doing everything possible to save every life.  This enables the politician to exclaim “It would have been even worse if I wasn’t in charge”.

Now, for a little more detail (Please note that I’m an engineer acting as an amateur epidemiologist in describing the nature of potential viral epidemics).  It appears that the quantitative factors listed below are the best predictors of the virulence of coronavirus (or any pathogen for that matter).  You’ll note that I made ease of transmission (airborne versus contact) and level of mutability (virus changes structure as it multiplies) as sub-factors of the rate of transmission.

1. The rate of transmission
1a. The ease of transmission
1b. The level of mutability
2. The mortality rate

From reading recent papers in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), the few takeaways that I have are:

  • The most common manifestation or correlation from a biological test is leukopenia (low white blood cells).
  • The costly CT exam has been the second most useful predictor of the presence of coronavirus (presence of glassy areas in the lungs).
  • It appears that there has been the lack of any reliable and quick diagnostic methods

I haven’t seen any reliable or statistically significant quantitative data about these set of factors that I listed above.  Based on the NEJM articles, I am assuming that most of the data is just now being generated and analyzed, and the greatest fears are the unknowns around 1a and 1b above, along with the absence of any reliable diagnostic testing.

Thus, here we are… “sheltering in place”, and waiting for the 21st century version of the black plague to come and get us… the mob mentality survives.

Adding and Subtracting from the US Constitution
Monday, March 09th, 2020 | Author:

When you see this headline “Virginia Lawmakers Pass Bill Giving Driving Privilege Cards To Illegal Aliens” and contrast it with the other efforts of the legislature in Virginia (e.g., voiding the right to bear arms), you have to at least say “huh?”

This is the same Democrat-dominated group of politicians who have decided, contrary to the US Constitution, that the Second Amendment is not applicable to Virginians.   Meanwhile, it appears that this group has also decided that being a legal Virginia citizen is not an important consideration for privileges — the US Constitution’s reference to being a sovereign nation is null and void.

It’s a crazy direction that this State is heading…

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American Jewry and Israel
Thursday, March 05th, 2020 | Author:

The relationship between American Jews and the state of Israel is very complex and forever evolving. This posting, which is now 5 years old, started during the Obama presidency when many leftist American Jews started putting the priorities of the Democrat party ahead of the interests of Jews and Israel.

Image result for flags of usa and israel


The American public is discovering that many American Jews are devoted toward leftist causes… to the detriment of Judaism:

American Jews’ fixation on every victim class but their own and social issues like abortion, climate change, gay “marriage,” and immigration, and the Democrat Party to which they have been tethered for a century, is harming the survival of our people.  While the United States holds the largest Jewish population outside Israel, our national population is minuscule — approximately 2%.  Our power is not in our numbers, but in our voices — and our voices are becoming dangerously self-destructive.

 The newly formed Jewish Democratic Council of America, obsessed with hatred of Trump, went so far as to produce a dishonest ad calling him the “biggest threat” to Jews while continually attacking his pro-Israel policies and ignoring the real sources of anti-Semitism in the country.


January 22, 2020

A very suitable description of the far left VAJINO, Bernie Sanders:

Bernie Sanders is as Jewish as a ham sandwich. In fact, Bernie Sanders is running the most anti-Semitic presidential campaign that any of us have every seen. Sanders has stacked has campaign with some of America’s most virulent anti-Semites, and has played a significant role in normalizing Jew-hatred in the Democrat Party. Sanders has also condemned Israel for defending itself against Palestinian terrorists, and will often refer to the Israeli Prime Minister as a racist.


January 9, 2020

Here is another case of an elitist leftist American Jew displaying overt disdain for fellow Jews.  J.B. Brager, a teacher at the Fieldston school in New York, tweeted: “Making latkes tonight for my birthday and channukah [sic], text me if you want to come over, no Zionists”:

Brager, who uses the pronoun “they,” [should probably use “it”] graduated from the University of Maryland in 2010 with a degree in American Studies, according to a C.V. posted online. Brager received a Ph.D. in women’s and gender studies [no real surprise] from Rutgers University in 2018 .

Abraham Cooper, the associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, told the Free Beacon that Brager’s rhetoric is particularly troublesome for a teacher of history. “The big lie is ‘Israel apartheid’, ‘Israel Nazi.’ However a person reaches that world view, even if they’re Jewish, that is extremely dangerous to the Jewish people.


January 3, 2020

A great editorial from Caroline Glick entitled When Will American Jewry  Wake Up?  She defines the three types of active anti-Semitism playing out today in America:

  • The first is white nationalist anti-Semitism. It is practiced by white individuals and groups ideologically aligned with the Nazis. 
  • The second anti-Semitism is leftist anti-Semitism. Leftist anti-Semites get their ideological inspiration from the Soviet Union and the PLO/Hamas. 
  • The third type of active anti-Semitism in the US today is black anti-Semitism. 

She then defines two hard truths for the leftist American Jewry:

First, liberal American Jews need to realize their local and national leaders have been lying to them….African Americans are on average around twice as likely to be anti-Semitic as the general population…

The second inconvenient truth the American Jewish community needs to get its head around is that the Democratic Party has become fully Corbyized. Like Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party today’s Democratic Party abets anti-Semites and anti-Semitism in America.


December 31, 2019

It may be difficult to believe, but the leftist American Jew responds to the spate of violence against fellow Jews by saying that “it’s Trumps fault.”  Rather than confront the obvious pattern of crime committed against innocent citizens by blacks, we have this:

Jonah Pesner, a prominent Reform rabbi, can appear on MSNBC with Al Sharpton, not to discuss Sharpton’s long career of libel and incitement against Jews, but to ‘discuss the president’s rhetoric about Jewish Americans’.


December 23, 2019

A great article in Algemeiner about the failed national leadership of American Jewry.  The authors sum it up succinctly in this first paragraph:

Many mainstream Jewish leaders seem ideologically incapable of internalizing the Left’s betrayal of the Jews. They refuse to acknowledge the political and social consequences of the mass influx of Muslim immigrants — who have grown up steeped in anti-democratic and antisemitic beliefs — into Western societies. They do so even when they know that this influx threatens to force the Jews out of Europe. They fail to understand how promoting tolerance of the intolerant may be lethal.

To be clear: we are referring to establishment national Jewish organizations, not to the many brave and dedicated smaller Jewish groups who fight BDS on campus, and anti-Israel bias in the media, K-12 curricula, and liberal churches. Indeed, most of these start-up groups were formed as a direct result of the decades-long failure of the ADL, the Federations, and the JCRCs to fight what is now recognized as “the new antisemitism.”

Of course, the authors recognize that — while history may not repeat itself — it certainly rhymes:

Sadly, the failure of establishment Jewish leadership is not a new story: during World War II, many American Jewish leaders were cowards — more concerned with a potential backlash of antisemitism in America than with the fate of their fellow Jews in Europe. Today, still cowering, they fear exclusion from the progressive community. Then, they abandoned the Jews of Europe; now the Jews of Brooklyn, America, and Israel…

In too many instances, the ADL has failed to protect Jews. They seem more dedicated to protecting politically correct progressive causes and leaders. They are conflicted when Jew-hatred comes from progressive ideologues like themselves or certain “protected” minorities. The ADL has become a fraud.


December 21, 2019

Leave it to Leftist American Jews — 25 Jewish House Democrats signed a letter calling for the firing of Stephen Miller, a Jew on Trump’s White House staff.  These Democrats have no problem with the likes of Ilhan Omar, a Minnesota Democrat who has openly shared her anti-Semitism…  The response from Mr. Miller:

“Being pro-American to today’s Democratic Party is a thought crime. I will be clear. Why do they want to send a letter from Jewish members of Congress after the sustained assault leveled against me by anti-Semitic members like Congresswoman Omar? Because they are trying to cover up the fact that there is, as I said earlier, this vein of anti-Semitism that pulses through the Democratic Party. But no amount of distraction, on their part, can cover up what the Democratic Party is today, a party that is comfortable, for example, breaking bread with Louis Farrakhan.”


December 14, 2019

Some very pertinent commentary from Caroline Glick about the intentional distortions introduced by the New York Times and leftist American Jews:

Wednesday, President Donald Trump put an end to this madness by signing an executive order requiring federal agencies dealing with allegations of anti-Semitism on campuses to consider the complaints in light the “working definition of anti-Semitism…by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance.”…Rather than report what he did, the New York Times seemingly deliberately mischaracterized Trump’s actions.

Liberal Jews pounced on the message and ran with it. Halie Soifer, the executive director of the Jewish Democratic Council of America accused Trump of being “partially responsible” for the rise of anti-Semitism in America.  “We said it before and we’ll say it again – Donald Trump is the biggest threat to American Jews,” she added.

Luckily, as Trump’s consistent record of support for Israel and the Jews in America and worldwide and as his warmth for Jewish people makes clear, the President doesn’t have an anti-Semitic bone in his body. And he won’t become an anti-Semite no matter how poorly the American Jewish establishment treats him.


December 7, 2019

There is nothing quite like a Leftist VAJINO such as Bernie Sanders to show his support for Judaism:

Gordon, who joined the Sanders campaign in November, is the latest in a string of Sanders aides and surrogates who have made disparaging remarks toward Jews and Israel. Belén Sisa, Sanders’s national deputy press secretary, questioned in a Facebook post whether the “American-Jewish community has a dual allegiance to the state of Israel,” while Linda Sarsour, a Sanders surrogate, has attacked Jews who support Israel and likened them to white supremacists.


November 28, 2019

Some pertinent comparisons between the British Labor (or as spelled across the pond, ‘Labour’ ) party and the Democrats in the US.  The article also covers the fact that the British media is now addressing the open anti-Semitism of their leftist political party while in the US it is totally ignored:

As I’ve written in the past when covering Corbyn, the reason his descent is so fascinatingly awful is that it offers a blueprint of what may be in store for the American Left if they continue to make excuses for anti-Semitism creeping within their ranks by often alleging that such sentiments are simply “anti-Israel” or “pro-Palestinian” rhetoric. 

I commend the British media for tackling what the American media is unable to do, either for lack of gumption or because they are indifferent to anti-Semitism or perhaps more darkly, because they find it excusable. Given the Washington Post’s reaction, I would argue the answer falls sadly in the latter two camps.


November 24, 2019

Another commentary about Jewish American Leftists taking Judaism away from anything religious:

Even though neither they nor their families accept it, both women are furthering the demise of Judaism in North America: in a 90-minute presentation, not a word was spoken about Judaism, the Jewish religion.  It was all about American Jewish culture and its differences from culture in Israel… They are sticking knives into Jewish peoplehood in North America by representing a post-religious organization and by ignoring the true risks facing Jewish continuity.  

The greatest risks to Jewish continuity in America are collapsing fertility, spiraling intermarriage, and diminishing literacy… According to Pew, intermarriage among liberal Jews is running between 50% and 70%.  At that rate, two or three of the four members of the latest generation will marry outside the faith.


November 20, 2019

Here’s one for you.  It’s a young Jewish American gal promoting the Jewish exodus from the Democrat Party.


November 17, 2019

Here is a recent observation about Bernie Sanders and his support for Jews and Israel:

Consider Bernie Sanders’ essay last week on “How to Fight Anti-Semitism” at the Jewish Currents website. It offered no instruction on fighting anti-Semitism, but instead alternated between criticizing Israel and pretending anti-Semitism doesn’t exist on the left.

Sanders limited all discussion of anti-Semitism to fringe white nationalists. He even blamed regular attacks on Jews in Brooklyn on the ideology of a “whites-only America.” In reality, as Armin Rosen reported in an exposé for Tablet, “the perpetrators who have been recorded on CCTV cameras are overwhelmingly black and Hispanic.”

Meanwhile, in the UK, many Jews that used to support the Labor Party (roughly comparable to the US Democrats) have finally figured out that support for the Labor Party is suicidal.


November 8, 2019

American Jewish Leftists (VAJINOs) supporting the haters of Jews:

And to Jewish Americans, what will it take to understand that a vote for any Democrat is actually a vote for your own demise?  Will Jewish Democrats continue to vote for the party of Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib? How will they rationalize why they march with anti-Semites Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory? Will they continue to support the Congressional Black Caucus even as it embraces the Louis Farrakhan, who calls Jews termites that should be exterminated? 


October 27, 2019

Here is another interesting commentary about American Jewish support for the Democrat party.  Abraham Miller clearly establishes that most American Jews won’t abandon the leftist Democrats even as anti-Semitism becomes a central part of their plank.

Nothing seems to dissolve the sinew that ties Jews to the Democrats. President Obama’s association with the anti-Semitic Rev. Jeremiah Wright brought a collective yawn. Photos of Barrack Obama embracing the Rev. Louis Farrakhan, who compared Jews to termites, did not concern them… President Obama’s trafficking with anti-Semites was that he was so popular with American Jews that had he nuked Tel Aviv, he would have lost no more than 30% of the Jewish vote.

The future of Jews in the Democratic party is already written in the workings of the British Labour Party, which is infused with a virulent anti-Semitism enhanced by its leader, Jeremy Corbyn. Dame Louise Ellman, who has been a vocal critic of Corbyn’s venomous anti-Semitism, faced an ouster vote, which the local party members scheduled for Yom Kippur eve, the holiest night of the Jewish calendar. The timing was hardly coincidental. Ellman eventually quit.

It will not end well for the Jews. The British Labour Party is transmitting that message. Will Jews recognize their political self-interest before it is too late?


October 6, 2019

An interesting commentary from Rabbi Aryeh Spero, who exclaims that many American Jews need to atone for their sins for not supporting fellow Jews.  Perhaps most provocative is the fact that he calls out many of the leftist American Jews by name.  In fact, it’s a veritable “Who’s Who” of American VAJINOs:

  • Peter Beinart
  • Richard Blumenthal
  • Max Boot
  • Steve Cohen
  • Bob Creamer
  • Eliot Engel
  • Dianne Feinstein
  • Tom Friedman
  • David Frum
  • Jonathan Greenblatt
  • Bill Kristol
  • Paul Krugman
  • Nita Lowey
  • Jerrold Nadler
  • Ben Rhodes
  • Jennifer Rubin
  • Bernie Sanders
  • Jan Schakowsky
  • Adam Schiff
  • Chuck Schumer
  • Brian Stelter
  • John Yarmuth
  • Jeff Zucker


September 27, 2019

Another editorial about the pusillanimous nature of American Jewry:

Many of those running Jewish organizations and non-Orthodox synagogue and temples have for decades made helping other minorities the centerpiece of their ideological life and, thus, will never spotlight the anti-Semitism coming from members of the minority community, since it would shatter all they believe in…

Major Jewish organizations will not imperil the Left or the “social justice” causes; they have chosen liberalism and the Democratic party over particular Jewish needs.  Jewish politicians such as Chuck Schumer, Eliot Engel, Nita Lowey, Steve Cohen, Jan Schakowsky, and Adam Schiff, for example, have been silent about the Omar/Tlaib/Ocasio-Cortez anti-Semitism and hatred of Israel…

We, the grassroots, will have to defend the Jewish people, defend ourselves in our neighborhoods. Self-defense is a biblical mandate, a mitzvah.  At the rally, we chanted: “Jews Fight Back.” It’s time Jews carried an aura of self-respect, an aura of self-value, so that would-be perpetrators know their attacks come with a downside for them.


September 17, 2019

The seduction of the American Jew continues…  Dennis Prager made the astute observations about many American Jews and their dedication to Leftist causes:

“Despite their secularism, Jews may be the most religious ethnic group in the world. The problem is that their religion is rarely Judaism; rather it is every ‘ism’ of the Left. These include liberalism, socialism, feminism, Marxism and environmentalism. Jews involved in these movements believe in them with the same ideological fervor and same suspension of critical reason with which many religious people believe in their religion. 


September 6, 2019

With a spate of anti-Semitic crimes occurring in the New York area, anti-Semitism appears to be on the rise in the United States.  How do American Jews respond?

Sadly, we the Jewish people are complicit in our own victimhood, making excuses for and throwing in our lot with the Democratic half of the political system…American Jewry, being so closely associated with the Democratic Party, seem to suffer from perpetual numbness.  It seems as if almost no one in the Democratic Party will stand up for American Jews despite the obligatory calls for tolerance, yet any real action is clearly missing and not a part of the public discourse concerning the epidemic of anti-Semitic attacks throughout America.

American Jewry are at the crossroads and must reassess whom they can count on to ensure the continuation of Jewish communal life in America.  


August 22, 2019

A great cartoon from the Dry Bones Blog, which illustrates the contrast between American Jews supporting Republican viewpoints versus those of Democrat positions:

Trump, deplorables, disloyal, America, Jews,


August 22, 2019

A commentary in American Thinker that sums it up the current situation very nicely:

President Trump has ripped the Band-Aid off a festering wound: the increasing division between Israel and American Jewish Democrats.  This split has been worsening for decades, but the anti-Zionist infection afflicting Jewish Democrats has largely been salved and covered over rather than addressed directly.  Now Trump is forcing the matter.

Liberal American Jews tend to be strong virtue-signalers.  It likely stems in part from Jewish history itself.  Attempting to assimilate into dominant Christian societies, urban European Jews tended to adopt new bourgeois ideas and customs with a vengeance, so much so that this alone occasionally bred resentment. 

Will Jewish Democrats betray Israel to embrace the anti-Trump Left, itself dominated by anti-Zionists and anti-Semites?  Or will they give up their incessant virtue-signaling and move away from a party that never really wanted them in the first place and is now quite ready to abandon them?

I already know the unfortunate answer.  It’s derived from that expression: History may not repeat itself but it certainly rhymes.


August 20, 2019

A great commentary from Dov Fischer that highlights the impotence of the Democrat VAJINOs in congress:

Schumer, Nadler, Schiff. They are the Three Stooges who symbolize and epitomize the utter emptiness and myth of “Jewish influence” in the Democrat Party. Those Jews are pure suckers… And the Democrats likewise know they have non-Orthodox Jews, Fake Jews, and anti-Semitic Jews in their pockets. 

The Democrats rally ’round two Islamist Nazis who happen to be among 435 elected Congressional representatives, and the Three Stooges Plus NAP cannot so much as lead a counter-charge. 


August 1, 2019

Here is another Democrat born-Jewish who believes that she has “cracked the code” on why many non-Leftist Jews support the Republican position:

Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI) at a “Jewish Democratic summer conference.” — I will just be very honest, right, they are not looking for our votes, because we are a relatively small community, they are looking for our donors, right? …

In March, Slotkin accused President Donald Trump of pushing antisemitism.   Slotkin has not accused either Omar or Tlaib of advancing antisemitism.

As exemplified by the position of Bernie Sanders, Leftist causes are always take precedence for the Democrat Jew in America.


July 23, 2019

Another Leftist Democrat born a Jew that refuses to support his origins:

Illinois Rep. Brad Schneider said boycotting Israel is anti-Semitic on CNN Tuesday, but the Democrat would not condemn Reps. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota or Rashida Tlaib of Michigan for supporting divestment of the Jewish state.

Have fun walking that tightrope, Brad…  at some point you’re going to have to take a stand (you mostly have already).


June 20, 2019

A great article in Mosaic that compares and contrasts Jews in the former Soviet Union during the early 20th century, with Leftist Jews in the current United States.  Some pertinent comments:

American Jews who joined the Communist party and spied for the Soviets betrayed the Jews before they betrayed America…  Marxism-Leninism, ideologically incompatible with Judaism, specifically required the Jewish people to dissolve into the international proletariat. 

When it came to Zionism, the Communist party under Stalin hailed the 1929 Arab pogroms against Jews in Palestine as the start of an Arab Communist revolution… The slogans of anti-Zionism were forged in Russia and exported to America with the aid of Jewish Communists in the years when Palestine was the only potential haven for Jews fleeing Hitlerism and continental anti-Semitism. Indeed, Jews were among the most passionate of all anti-Zionists

Thus, there is nothing new or strange in the fact that, in today’s universities, Jews of the far left, including Israelis, are some of the most vociferously anti-Israel professors and agitators on campus. 


June 18, 2019

A solid commentary from Sultan Knish:

Like the rest of America, Jews are coming apart into two very different groups

At the end of May, California faced the same split, with Rabbi Goldstein celebrating the liberation of Jerusalem, while David Mandel tried to find a way to blame murdered Jews for their own deaths…. Rabbi Goldstein and Mandel are both perfect examples of a particular type. The Chabad Rabbi who lost several fingers in the Poway attack, embodies the Jewish tradition of faith. Mandel, a JVP leader who is active with the National Lawyers Guild, a radical group with historical ties to the Communist Party, represents the traditional animus of leftists for everything Jewish. Israel is just one example.


May 31, 2019

It doesn’t get much crazier than this… fresh from the People’s Republic of California is a proposed Democrat resolution linking Israeli government to massacre at Pittsburgh synagogue.

The resolution blasting Israel’s purported role in furthering white supremacy was authored by David Mandel, an elected state Assembly delegate and progressive attorney… he suggested, Israel officials did bear some indirect responsibility for both anti-Semitic and Islamophobic violence.

Some of the draft resolutions would mandate that Democrat officials work to “nullify” President Trump’s pro-Israel policies. One document directs party officials to take a subsidized trip to Israel only “if they undertake to devote an equal amount of time to visiting Palestinian towns, villages and refugee camps in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.”

This position is reflective of one of the oldest tactics used by anti-Semites: “It’s the Jews’ fault that we’re killing them”.

It’s like we say, the Leftist Jews are the greatest enemies of Judaism.


May 27, 2019

Henry Roth writes with incredulity about most American Jews expressing their strong preference for Democrats:

Despite my pleas and despite the best efforts of many Jewish and non-Jewish commentators and community leaders, a majority of American Jews still profess a strong preference for the Democratic Party. The election of unabashed [Democrat] Jew-haters such as Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib didn’t move the needle.

If everything that the Democratic party has done for the past 10 years to undermine Israel’s interests hasn’t lifted the veil from Jewish voters’ eyes, then I just don’t know what it will take to make these [American] Jews realize that they are an enormous, disproportionate part of the problem, not the solution, when it comes to the question of Israel and the future safety and security of the Jewish people.

Meanwhile, Hillbilly Jews that I know clearly understand that most American Jews are first and foremost VAJINOs with a strong preference for everything progressive (i.e., they are better thought of as the ‘Lost Cause’).  The Leftist American Jews reflect the same position as the European Jews of the early part of the 20th century.


May 23, 2019

Jonathan Tobin takes the position that Jewish Democrats are now accepting of anti-Semitism:

If even a popular, pro-Israel Jewish Democrat like Adler was afraid to stand up to Ilhan Omar in his own city, then it’s not clear under what circumstance any member of that party would think they could afford to do so….

It is at this point that fair-minded people must ask themselves how the influence of the anti-Israel and anti-Semitic left can be contained, let alone rolled back. The evidence coming out of trendy Austin is that as far as the Democratic Party is concerned, it’s a lost cause.


May 1, 2019

You may have noticed the contradictory situation where the advancement of anti-Semitism in the United States now actively being supported by the Leftist Jews of the New York Times…  Dennis Prager posed the basic question:

“Why would The New York Times, published in the city where more Jews live than any other city in the world outside of Israel, whose publisher is a Jew and whose editors are disproportionately Jewish, publish a Nazi-like anti-Semitic cartoon?”

Brett Stephens, formerly of the Wall Street Journal, provides the answer:

“The reason is the almost torrential criticism of Israel and the mainstreaming of anti-Zionism, including by this paper, which has become so common that people have been desensitized to its inherent bigotry. So long as anti-Semitic arguments or images are framed, however speciously, as commentary about Israel, there will be a tendency to view them as a form of political opinion, not ethnic prejudice. But as I noted in a Sunday Review essay in February, anti-Zionism is all but indistinguishable from anti-Semitism in practice and often in intent, however much progressives try to deny this.”

To provide historical context for the anti-Semitism of the New York Times, there is a recent commentary from David Lazarus where he explains the role of the Reformed/Leftist American Jews:

What most people don’t know is that the Times’predisposition to unjustly criticizing Israel goes back 120 years, when a Reformed Jew bought the newspaper… These Reformed Jews feared that building a Jewish nation would call into question the loyalty of American Jews to the United States, and thereby foment antisemitism… The anti-Zionist and anti-Israel stance remained entrenched in the newspaper even throughout the days of WWII, when Jews were trying to flee Nazi Germany to their homeland in Israel… Reformed American Council for Judaism and the publisher of the Times continued to oppose Zionism even in 1948.


April 16, 2019

This is a great article that provides an explanation for the rationale of the self-hating American Jews…  it’s all about currying favor with the goyim:

In several cultures we find the phenomenon of “honor-killings” – namely the killing of an unmarried woman by her family for shaming them… All honor murders are to appease the hostile opinion of others, to gain favor in the eyes of the community. They are quintessentially matters of honor and shame, matters of one’s reputation in the eyes of one’s fellows.

I believe that their feelings towards Israel mirror this honor-shame dynamic. The portrayal of Israel by a school of lethal journalists as a cruel occupier of Palestinian land, who deliberately target Palestinian civilians, has deeply shamed progressive Jews in the eyes of their “honor-group,” their fellow progressives. For these Jews, the shame of having a family member – Israel – viewed by others as a brutal and heartless Goliath, is too much to bear.

So when Jews, Israelis or Diasporic, adopt the Palestinian lethal narrative about Israel, when they ally with sworn enemies of Israel, when they ignore all the evidence that the journalists’ lethal narratives are dishonest violations of all the principles of a responsible free press, when they promote causes (like BDS) that target Israel’s very existence, they engage in this proxy honor-murder.


April 13, 2019

People often ask me why I dislike Leftist VAJINOs so much…  In the simplest terms, history has shown that the self-hating Jews (exhibited now frequently by American Leftists with Jewish lineage) is often the greatest threat to the survival of Judaism. A recent article provides a good example of a Leftist American Jew, Bernie Sanders, exhibiting implicit support for the enemies of the Jews:

Bernie tweeted: “Ilhan Omar is a leader with strength and courage. She won’t back down to Trump’s racism and hate, and neither will we. The disgusting and dangerous attacks against her must end.”

[Bernie] with a Jewish background, and many family members, including his uncle Abraham Schnützer, who remained in Poland killed by the Nazis, Mr Sanders, a self-described socialist, has chosen to side with the antiSemitic ‘progressives’ in Congress, including those like Mrs Hirsi and Representative Rashida Harbi Tlaib (D-MI 13th District), rather than the survivors of the Holocaust.


March 25, 2019

A very pertinent commentary, entitled “American Jews and Israel: Can the Marriage be Saved?

When American members of If Not Now or Jewish Voice for Peace seem to echo the propaganda of Israel’s deadly enemies, Israelis are shocked that Jews could speak that way about the only Jewish state. But note that while anti-Israel Jews may add “as a Jew…” to their attacks, for rhetorical purposes, either they are really speaking “as progressives,” or worse, “as Tikkun-Olam Jews,” secular humanists with some vestigial trappings of Judaism.

Liberal American Jews are sticking with the Democratic Party, and moving leftward – and away from Israel – along with it. It’s not just politics. Assimilation and intermarriage is increasing, and Jewish identification is decreasing. There is no special reason to oppose the drift of their party. These changes make it likely that the trend pushing American Jews away from Israel will intensify.


March 8, 2019

A useful analysis by Ben Shapiro where he explains the reasons why most American Jews vote Leftist:

The polls show American Jews are the least religious religious group in America… As for Israel, just 30 percent of Jews say they are very attached to Israel. Only 43 percent of Jews have ever been to Israel…

So why is it a surprise that most Jews vote leftists? Most Jews aren’t Jewish in any real sense beyond ethnic identification. They have nothing to do with Torah, the five books of Moses. They have nothing to do with the ethical system posited by Biblical Judaism. They have nothing to do with the mitzvot, the commandments. They have nothing to do with Israel. 


March 7, 2019

An interesting commentary in Tablet about the decline in religious attendance at churches and synagogues.  Some pertinent comments about the Jewish political focus:

Indeed, despite the impression left by some progressive Jews, the largest threat to Jews in America stems not from the isolated and pathetically small lunatic fringe of white supremacists. The most anti-Israel members of Congress, as well as on the local level, come primarily not from the right wing of the GOP but the burgeoning left wing of the Democratic Party.

Do you need some examples?  You don’t even have to mention the Jew-hating Moslems and Socialists in Congress…  Here are just a few of the most obnoxious Jewish Leftists in the Democrat Party that continually demonstrate their lack of support for anything Jewish or Israel:

  • Bernie Sanders
  • Adam Schiff
  • Jerrold Nadler
  • Charles Schumer

There is a tough challenge emerging for those on the left…  The situation with Jewish American Democrats is a couple of years behind what is happening in the UK with their Labor Party and Jeremy Corbyn openly embracing anti-Semitism.    Jews in the United States are going to be forced to take a position.

As long as we’re talking about leftist American Jews with unrealistic perspectives, you can’t leave out Paul Krugman:

Hat tip to David Bernstein at Instapundit.


March 3, 2019

Well, here you go.  A commentary from a hard core leftist American Jew with a distorted view of reality. He proclaims that any American Jew that does not support the position of  the Democrat Socialists is — get this one — “a collaborator in white supremacy”.

Yet even as white nationalists wish us dead, a shocking number of Jews have become willing collaborators in white supremacy — not only public bigots such as Ben Shapiro and David Horowitz, but kapos in the openly ethnonationalist Trump regime, such as Stephen Miller or Jared Kushner.

Other minorities make this bargain too, sometimes — look at Ben Carson and Clarence Thomas — but Jews more easily succumb because so many of us easily pass as white.

I read this article and thought “this can’t really be an educated person’s opinion”.  In fact, I checked to see if the source was a satirical site such as the Onion or the Babylon Bee…  It appears that this guy defines anyone that does not tow the Democrat worldview as a sycophant in support of bad people.

I suppose the leftists have given up any notion of rational discourse, and instead they have to decided to adopt the Jussie Smollet approach to reality and persuasion.


February 27, 2019

The few of us American Jews that don’t subscribe to modern leftism clearly understand the moral bankruptcy of many VAJINO organizations:

Now the ADL is just one more left-wing group, “a radical extension of the Democratic Party,” according to  Isi Leibler, a prominent worldwide Jewish leader writing in the Jerusalem Post.  The only anti-Semitism that it will fight is that of the tiny fringe group of white supremacists.  The greater danger of the radical left and Muslim activists gets a pass.  The Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) movement, declared anti-Semitic by the American government, is supported by Democratic politicians and so ADL won’t fight it.  ADL actively supports the Marxist anti-Semitic group Black Lives Matter, which “incorporates anti-Israel passages in its platform and campaigns against anti-boycott legislation.”

This past decade has been one of unprecedented passivity and cowardice by the Jewish establishment. It failed to speak out against Obama’s anti-Israel bias and remained silent when the ADL, J Street, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, the National Council of Jewish Women, progressive rabbis and other Jews engaged in the primitive defamation of Trump from Jewish platforms.

The old expression about history comes into play here: “History may not repeat itself, but it certainly rhymes”.  The current positions of American Leftists feels very reminiscent of the early 20th century when many Jews were the early supporters of the Russian Bolsheviks and the German Socialists… and we know how they turned out.


February 23, 2019

An excellent commentary from Benjamin Blech:

To tell the truth I’m not surprised at the resurgence of anti-Semitism… What continues to amaze me though is – when it comes to politics Jews somehow display an incredible level of stupidity. Politicians have come to take for granted that Jews are willing to forsake their self-interest.

Jews are smart – but when it comes to politics we have a long history of stupidity. We still can’t believe we have enemies. We still can’t acknowledge there are evil people who want to destroy us. We still can’t recognize that those who express anti-Semitic ideas really mean what they say even if they subsequently offer halfhearted apologies.


February 12, 2019

Here’s recent commentary from the consummate self-hating Leftist Jew, Jeremy Ben-Ami.  His only concern with Ilhan Omar is that her anti-Semitic statements provide ammunition to Republicans:

Omar’s comments evoked disturbing anti-Semitic tropes about Jews, money, and power… The tweets played into the hands of those looking to enforce limits on criticism of Israel… 

Naturally, he further defends Omar by claiming that her critics are guilty of hating black Moslems…

And critics of the critics should be called to task when their rhetoric crosses the line to Islamophobia and racism.

Mr. Ben-Ami has made a career of being a 21st century Kapo.  It would be interesting to see how he would perform in a Middle Eastern, Moslem-majority nation.


February 12, 2019

Some pertinent comments from Glenn Reynolds concerning Democrat American Jews and their support for Moslem immigration into the United States:

But when you import a lot of anti-semites, someone is going to compete for their votes. The Jews who backed open immigration thought they were re-enacting their own history, when really they were fighting to admit people who hate them.


February 1, 2019

One litmus test for the support of Jewish American Leftists is how they react to overt gestures of anti-Semitism.   On one hand, Leftist Jews somehow twisted any sense of logic and blamed Trump for the massacre at the synagogue in Pittsburgh.  Meanwhile, we have the two Democrat Moslems recently voted into the US Congress who have a documented history of anti-Semitism…  How are the Leftist Jewish organizations in the United States reacting to these gestures:

The left-leaning Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the nation’s largest Jewish civil rights group, has declined to weigh in on Democratic Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s latest tie to anti-Semitism.

I suppose that the ADL is following the old dictum: “Better to Remain Silent and Be Thought a Fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt.”


January 22, 2019

It’s going to become interesting to see how the American Jews that provide blanket support for the Democrats rationalize their political party’s emerging positions of strong anti-Semitism.  An example is New York Senator Charles Schumer, who in 2017 came out publicly to properly exclaim that anti-Zionism is a reinvented form of anti-Semitism.

“The idea that all other peoples can seek and defend their right to self-determination but the Jewish people cannot; that other nations have a right to exist but the Jewish State of Israel does not, that, too, is a modern form of anti-Semitism” 

Now with two Democrat Moslems in the House of Representatives that are avowed enemies of the Jewish people, it’s going to become more difficult for Jews to ignore the obvious conflicts.  At this point, Schumer and most of the Democrat Jews just attempt to sweep the aggressive statements made by their peers under the table.

As a contributor at Legal Insurrection recently noted:

The self-loathing American Jew is a pox on all of freedom loving and self-reliant humanity around the globe and among the worst cancers that America has ever suffered and still suffers, and most definitely among the greatest benefactors that the inherently evil Democrat party has ever known.  In Fact, among Israel’s greatest threats to her most righteous very existence are a great many of her very own progeny here in America.


January 21, 2019

As crazy as it seems, nine Leftist rabbis in New York endorsed the Women’s March after meeting with avowed anti-Semites, Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory.  Once again, Leftist American Jews prove that the causes of co-called “social justice” outweigh any other priority.

The signatories of the letter are Rabbis Barat Ellman, Rachel Goldenberg, Lauren Grabelle Hermann, Lisa Grant, Sharon Kleinbaum, Ellen Lippmann, Mike Rothbaum, Joshua Stanton and Nancy Wiener…. Ellman is the the mother of Women’s March staffer Sophie Ellman-Golan and Kleinbaum works at New York’s LGBTQ synagogue, Congregation Beit Simchat Torah. Grant and Wiener both work at the New York campus of the Reform movement’s Hebrew Union College.

My family is starting to better understand my disdain for American Jewish Leftism…


January 14, 2019

From the one that helped us start this post, a Caroline Glick commentary about the New York Times and its Leftist Jewish writers that actively support the convoluted logic of anti-semitism (Michele Goldberg, Bret Stephens, Bari Weiss, etc.):

The New York Times has never been a big fan of Israel, or non-assimilated and non-leftist Jews for that matter. But it’s hard to escape the impression that the Times has decided to intensify its hostile stance towards Israel, Israeli Jews, and American Jews who support Israel

What may be worse is the Times’ campaign to effectively disenfranchise American Jews. The paper undertakes this campaign by using its pages to legitimize antisemitism emanating from the left, delegitimize friends of Jews on the political right, and shame American Jews who stubbornly refuse to abandon Israel, or turn their back on Israel’s friends. These American Jews also impertinently notice the galloping Jew hatred on the political left.

The Hillbilly Jews in Ohio understand how the Leftist Jews in New York attempt to curry favor with the Goyim.  Unfortunately, selling out your fellow Jew is central to the history of the Jewish people, and started with the Goshen ‘resistance’ against Moses in Egypt.


January 8, 2019

Jonathan S. Tobin, editor in chief of Jewish News Syndicate, comments about the recent Democrat attacks on a judicial candidate that is a member of a Catholic organization. He exclaims that this should alarm Jews who care about religious freedom… but so far the Jewish world has remained silent.

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) and Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) sought to grill Brian Buescher, a federal district court nominee from Nebraska, by submitting questions for the record that singled him out because he is a member of the Knights of Columbus… rather than probe Buescher’s qualifications for the bench, the question seemed aimed at creating a religious test that could potentially brand anyone who subscribed to Catholic teachings as off-limits for high office.

I don’t know why he is surprised.  The Jewish Left isn’t concerned about any religion, much less do they care about Catholicism or Judaism.


January 7, 2019

You can always count on a Leftist Jew to come out against the Jewish homeland:

With Congress open, top GOP Senate leaders had scheduled a vote Tuesday to move forward on what congressional insiders describe as a “mega” pro-Israel bill, including measures addressing Israel and Jordan’s security and addressing boycotts of Israel,… Top Democrats signaled Sunday they would not allow consideration of the legislation. Sens. Chris Van Hollen (D., Md.), Ben Cardin (D., Md.), and Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) all came out against a vote on the pro-Israel legislation.


Click the text below to see additional postings on this topic


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Origins Of Stereotypes
Thursday, February 13th, 2020 | Author:

Source: Top 10 Origins Of Controversial Stereotypes – Listverse

10 The Dumb Blonde

9 Asians Can’t Drive

8 Irish People = Potato-Eaters

7 The French Are Cowards

6 Men Are Better Workers Than Women

5 Black People Love Fried Chicken & Watermelon

4 Jews Are Cheap

3 Mexicans Are Lazy

2 The Angry Black Woman

1 All Muslims Are Terrorists

Is it Time to Ban “Assault Knives”?
Sunday, February 02nd, 2020 | Author:


Contrary to Mr. Bloomberg’s outlook on what is dangerous (soda pop, salt, and guns), the stabbings continue.  Once again, another stabbing attack from a Moslem in London:

A man has been shot dead by armed cops today after stabbing two people in a knife rampage terror attack on a London high street…Security sources have said it is being treated as an “Islamist” attack – after tentative cops were seen approaching his body. 


January 12, 2020

Another stabbing spree.  This time in Colorado:

A man allegedly stabbed eight people at several locations in Colorado Springs, Colorado, early Monday morning in what police said was a random spree of violence.


December 3, 2019

What do you know?  Another murderous knife attack by a Moslem in London:

Usman Khan, 28, convicted of “terrorism offenses” in 2012, killed two people, injuring three others before bystanders held him at bay — one wielding a narwhal tusk and the other a fire extinguisher.

Are you surprised?

U.S. Air Force Col. Rob Maness (ret.) observed that attacks of this nature would be less likely if the right to keep and bear arms weren’t curtailed.  “Why is a right to keep and bear arms essential to a free society?” he asked.  “Because citizens should not be forced to pick up a narwhal tusk and fire extinguisher to stop a terrorist, that’s why.”   

An example occurred one day after the London attack, when an attempted armed robbery of a Hardee’s restaurant at an Atlanta suburb was thwarted by an armed bread delivery truck driver.


October 3, 2019

Let’s check in on France and see how they’re doing:

Four police officers have been killed by a fellow employee in a knife attack at the force’s headquarters in Paris, says a union official.  The 45-year-old attacker, who was said to have worked for the police for 20 years, was shot dead at the scene.


September 3, 2019

Let’s check in on England and see how they’re doing after outlawing weapons:

Britain has been battling a knife crime epidemic with fatal stabbings as deaths are at their highest level since the Second World War.

Violent crimes have surged in the capital since Sadiq Khan took office as mayor, with 2018 the bloodiest year in a decade.

The staggering statistics come a day after a report revealed that super-criminals who are caught carrying knives and committing crimes several times are STILL escaping jail.


August 18, 2019

This is from an older CBS new story that despite the complete ban on guns, murders in London now outpace murders in New York City.:

A surge of stabbings in London was blamed Monday for the city overtaking New York’s monthly murder tally for the first time in modern history. Fifteen people were murdered in London during February, compared to 14 in New York, according to police figures… London’s murder rate has grown by nearly 40 percent in three years, while police figures show that New York’s has fallen by 87 percent since 1990


August 9, 2019

The Leftists in America appear to forget the 85 deaths in France from a truck intentionally running over pedestrians, or the 132 deaths in England from people being stabbed by knives…  Just a day ago, a crazy man in California stabbed 4 people to death.

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A man who was “full of anger” went on a two-hour stabbing and robbery rampage in Southern California, killing four people and wounding two others, authorities said Wednesday… The brutal and puzzling attack came just days after a pair of mass shootings in Texas and Ohio left 31 people dead and stunned the nation.

Given this dose of reality, why aren’t the Democrats calling out to ban trucks and knives?


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Is Greece the “Canary” for Economic Decline?
Monday, January 27th, 2020 | Author:

The continuing saga of economic decline in western democracies…  Is Greece the “Canary in the Coal Mine” for how these events unfold?

Image result for acropolis


Some relatively positive news on the economic situation in Greece.  The Greece Public Debt Management Agency says it plans to issue a 15-year bond, tapping international markets for financing after the country’s sovereign credit rating was upgraded to BB with a positive outlook, citing improved debt sustainability and a “stable political backdrop.”


July 20, 2019

A commentary about the recent direction of Greece from Taki’s Magazine:

The trouble with Greece is over-regulation and corruption. Ironically, Greek oligarchs have a very limited grip on the economy. Oligarchs are not the major obstacle to growth; bureaucracy and over-regulation are. The last four years of socialism have done only harm. That bum Tsipras sold the country down in exchange for outriders during his visits to foreign capitals. He’s now set for life, and the Greeks, being Greek, will vote him back with his new false promises in the future.


December 24, 2018

It doesn’t sound like any improvements:

The Greek government has agreed to even more austerity in the form of more taxes and more pension cuts… Since onset of the crisis, owing to strict Brüning-like austerity demands of Germany and the EU, the economy has contracted by 25%. Unemployment is at 20% and youth unemployment above 40%. 


Comments from a Greek libertarian about the reality of the current situation:

Greek public debt went from 130 percent when the crisis began to the present 180 percent of the GDP debt. Perhaps this is an improvement if one works in the Ministry of Truth in Orwell’s 1984, but I don’t. Do these crap bankers and E.U. shills take us all for idiots? Eight years of economic strangulation in order to pay the German banks, half of the middle class of doctors, engineers, and scientists gone abroad, and the extreme left-wing clowns and charlatans who have run the place since 2015 are saying that the chaos is over and everything’s hunky-dory.


August 31, 2018

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal provides an update on the economy in Greece:

It took three bailouts, around €290 billion in loans from its European partners and the International Monetary Fund… On Monday Greece’s third bailout will conclude, and the country will no longer have to rely on its official creditors to finance itself…. The Greek economy has grown slowly in recent years but is still 25% smaller than when the crisis began.


March 6, 2018

According to MarketWatch, Greece’s economy expanded for a fourth straight quarter in the last three months of 2017.  Gross domestic product increased by 0.1% in the October-to-December period, compared with an upwardly revised 0.4% growth in the third quarter.

Since entering recession in 2008, Greek GDP has shrunk by more than a quarter amid austerity measures imposed by international creditors after 2010, while unemployment has reached nearly 28% of the workforce.

The country is still in its third bailout program in a row, which ends this August, and the country has sought to convince its creditors that it is finally able to stand on its own feet.


December 6, 2017

According to Bloomberg magazine, there is some positive news about the economic decline in Greece:

Greece’s economy expanded for a third straight quarter for the first time in more than a decade, providing a foundation for the country’s attempts to exit its bailout program next year.


The third-quarter expansion was led by 5 percent boost in exports, including a 9.8 percent increase in service exports, which includes the country’s crucial tourist sector. Consumption fell 0.1 percent, while investment decreased 6.1 percent in the quarter.


October 15, 2017

It appears that Greece is entering the period of financial fudging:

Indeed, figures for the second quarter have been promising, mainly thanks to tourism. The finance ministry released figures showing a primary surplus slightly above the one projected. 

In addition, despite Tsipras’ boasting of lowering the unemployment figures, the truth is that more and more people work part-time or at temporary jobs, and get paid third-world wages… In the last week of September, Greece’s largest ice cream factory, Froneri Hellas, shut down, adding 102 people to the unemployment line. Froneri is the latest addition in the long list of once flourishing companies, that has succumbed to the crisis.

Source: Despite Gov’t Boasting over Growth, Greeks Get Poorer


July 11, 2017

From today’s US Today, an update on the situation in Greece:

Two years after an international bailout that was supposed to lead to an economic revival, conditions here have only worsened and life for Greeks has become one of constant misery.   

The economy is stagnant, unemployment hovers around 25% and is twice as high for young adults, taxes are rising, and wages are falling. Half of Greek homeowners can’t make their mortgage payments and another quarter can’t afford their property taxes, according to the Bank of Greece.

On July 5, 2015, voters soundly rejected the terms of a proposed bailout with international lenders because the plan demanded too much austerity. Yet, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and his left-wing Syriza Party ignored the referendum results and signed a third bailout deal that would provide nearly $100 billion in loans the country desperately needed to avoid collapse.

Interestingly, I just had a good friend of mine return from Greece and share his thoughts on the situation in Athens… While tourism is still relatively strong, it’s not a very pretty economic environment for growth.


June 6, 2017

I suppose it shouldn’t surprise anyone that a recent Pew Research poll showed that 98% of the residents of Greece view their current economic situation as “bad.”  As a contrast, 40% of Americans consider the current economics as bad.


May 3, 2017

It’s a never-ending story.  It appears to be the proverbial “kicking the can down the road”.  They’re throwing more money at Greece once again for the promise of more austerity measures:

The preliminary deal with international creditors would allow Athens to receive emergency funds in exchange for promises of higher taxes and lower social spending.

As far as I know, the real solutions are: a) a major write-down of the debt, b) significant steps for economic growth.  I haven’t seen either of these in the plans for the Greek empire.


February 7, 2017

It’s now 2017 and there is still no clear path to stability for Greece… and no one appears to have an answer. The economists are now saying that Greece cannot ‘grow’ out of their economic malaise:

The new report was prepared by IMF staff ahead of a February 6 board meeting to discuss the fund’s participation in an EU-led €86bn bailout of Greece and signals the continuing hard line the IMF is taking on debt relief for Athens. It offers a bleaker view of Greece’s economic dilemmas than an analysis prepared last year, warning that the debt load is “highly unsustainable” and would not improve even if it implemented further reforms recommended by the fund. . . .

“Even with these ambitious polices in place, Greece cannot grow out of its debt problem,” IMF staff warned in the report, seen by the Financial Times and drafted as part of the fund’s annual review of member economies. “Greece requires substantial debt relief from its European partners to restore debt sustainability.”

This is a good assessment of the real challenge:

The deeper problem is that Greece does not produce like a developed country, but its citizens expect the level of services and pensions normally associated with a developed country.  That’s why there is so much hostility to Greece in the middle-income countries of Eastern Europe, where benefit levels are lower.


June 25, 2016

From the Wall Street Journal, there is no end in sight for the economic decline in Greece…

Mr. Tsipras’s statist ideology is as hostile as ever to the supply-side reforms Greece needs, and both the IMF and other creditors seem to be giving up hope that any other Greek politician could enact such reforms. Which means Greece’s crisis will drag on no matter what happens next with Greece’s debts.


May 8, 2016

The drama continues as the government of Greece passes additional austerity measures:

Greece’s parliament has passed a package of tax and pension reforms, ahead of a crucial meeting of Eurozone finance ministers… Before the vote, protesters in Athens threw petrol bombs at police, who responded with tear gas.  Trade unions say the country cannot bear another round of austerity… Three days of a general strike paralysed public transport and slowed the public sector and the media.  Speaking before the vote, the leader of the Greek Communist Party, Dimitris Koutsoubas, said the Greek people would “not tolerate nor accept” the measures and would “show their true power” in the event of a yes vote.


April 16, 2016

This article in the Daily Mail should give you an idea of the recent economic progress (or lack thereof) in Greece:

The Greek government fears it could be subjected to terror attacks if a taxpayer-funded mosque is not constructed in Athens.  Officials claim it would allow Muslims to practise their religion under the auspices of a centrally-appointed imam that would ensure it does not stray into extremism.

Hmmm… the country is broke, yet it’s using ‘taxpayer’ (in Greece, the word taxpayer should always appear in scary quotes) money to payoff potential terrorists.


January 25, 2016

From the analysts at, the latest status and outlook:

In protracted and bitter negotiations last summer, the country promised to raise the retirement age, cut pensions, liberalize the energy market, open up closed professions, raise taxes and sell government assets.

There have been encouraging signs. In December, the Greek Parliament narrowly passed overhauls needed to get the next $1.1 billion segment of the bailout negotiated over the summer with the IMF, the European Central Bank and European Commission, known as the troika.

Standard & Poor’s raised its long-term sovereign debt rating to B- from CCC+ with stable outlook, citing the country’s compliance with its economic program.

But the country is a long way from recovery. Third-quarter unemployment was 24% and the economy contracted 0.1% from a year earlier.

Analysts with Deutsche Bank said earlier this month that they expect Greece to slip into deep recession later this year.


September 21, 2015

The malaise continues… a good analysis from Strategy Page:

We know how Greece got here. Greek productivity could not pay for the lifestyle its citizens desired. The productivity of other Euro-zone nations financed Greek good times and kept Greek politicians in power.

Greece lied to obtain the largesse. When the Euro-zone officially formed in 2001, Greece claimed it had a GDP deficit of 1.5 percent. In 2012, former Greek budget minister Peter Doukas said the real 2001 figure was 8.3 percent. Over the years, Greek governments violated fiscal agreements, borrowed money they could not repay and managed to hide the lies. European Union monitoring systems failed to detect the buildup in Greek debt.

The Greek people, who supported these lying governments, enjoyed “other people’s money.” Now German, French and even Italian workers say no more. Italians complain that Greek government worker pensions are far more lavish than theirs. No la dolce vita on our euros.

As for selective law enforcement: Systemic crookedness stymies economic growth. Greeks know it. A June 2010 poll found that 78 percent of the Greek people “accept the view that many or all in government are corrupt.” That same year, a Greek finance ministry investigation uncovered extensive tax evasion, corruption and bribery in its tax collection offices. Greek tax evaders cost the country an estimated $27 billion to $30 billion a year.

Here’s the big story. In Greece, we witness another hard example of an old lesson. Economic reality shakes and eventually shatters political fantasy. Fantasy may fade, but denial tends to die hard. All too often, it dies violently.


June 28, 2015

The saga continues… The Greeks elected a Communist leader that promised economic miracles for the citizenry (sound familiar?); and everyone has discovered the harsh reality of running out of other people’s money.  It’s now widely reported that the Greek government is shuttering the banks for a week:

Greek leaders planned to shutter their banks on Monday amid last-ditch discussions about their nation’s economic future, as panicked citizens tried to pull their money from their accounts while they still were able.

I still don’t know enough about macroeconomics to predict the eventual end game…  I suppose the other EU countries will be coming to Athens to repossess the Parthenon.



January 6, 2015

Well, three years later and we have not yet closed the loop on the outcome…  Today’s BusinessWeek discusses Greece considering its options:

The current Greek situation is particularly troubling since by as early as mid-year it could constitute Europe’s Lehman Brothers moment. Whatever the outcome of the Jan. 25 parliamentary election, it is difficult to see how Greece can avoid a major policy collision with its European partners. Greece is showing every sign of austerity and economic reform fatigue as its economy remains mired in the deepest of depressions.


February 3, 2014

Yes, the story continues more than two years later, but the plot and results remain the same… As noted at ZeroHedge, Europe pretends to bail out Greece… and Greece pretends to reform and comply with austerity reforms when it merely continues to spend as before until the money runs out…

At this point, I would be willing to say that Victor Davis Hanson has been the best prognosticator (see earlier posts below)


May 9, 2013

The Greek government began its first mass-firing of public-sector workers in more than 100 years this week, part of an effort to lay off 180,000 by 2015 under Europe-imposed austerity.

via Greece starts firing civil servants for first time in a century.


August 20, 2012

More bad news about the Greece economy…  They have debt coming due and the country needs to issue more bonds.  The Greek GDP shrank by more than 6% over the last 12 months.

I still have that lingering question:  How does Greece break out of this continuous decline?


July 24, 2012

The Prime Minister of Greece declares that his country is in a depression (any surprises here?):

Greek GDP is expected by the end of this year to have shrunk by about a fifth in five consecutive years of recession since 2008...


May 11, 2012

You may have missed the Greek elections, but the results are foretelling — the citizens cast quite a few ballots for the Communist and the Nazi parties…  the real takeaway that can be generalized for many western countries is that nobody wants to hear about austerity measures.  Given a choice between a leader who says “you’ll have to tighten your belt and go to work” versus a prospective leader who proclaims “the government should continue to support your lifestyle”, well, the answer is pretty obvious.

The saga about bankrupt western countries continues to unfold…


May 2, 2012

It’s not getting any better in Athens…



April 5, 2012

It appears that the financial markets are not convinced that Greece has overcome its problems.  The Greek 10 year bonds are now hovering around a 20% yield rate (in contrast, US 10 year bonds are approximately 2%).


February 13, 2012

A prognostication from Victor Davis Hanson:

There are only three scenarios likely for Greece: (1) In exchange for debt relief, a liberated Greece changes its ways, opens up its economy, redefines labor and capital markets and becomes a sort of Spain (unlikely). (2) It defaults and its drachma-based country reverts to what one remembered in the old days and what one would expect from a top-heavy, unproductive socialist state (somewhat likely). Or (3) it gets some half-relief, but soon reneges on its promised reforms and austerity, and thus like Greek cities in the 2nd Century AD, life goes on as weeds grow among the impressive, but crumbling infrastructure of the past (very likely).


February 5, 2012

The saga continues… Is the situation in Greece a microcosm of the western democracies and economic decline?  A recent issue of the Washington Times discusses how the Greek bailout cycle continues unabated:

The latest examination by international debt inspectors found Greece in such dire straits that it requires another $20 billion cash infusion. This would be on top of the $171 billion promised in October, which was on top of the $145 billion Greece received in 2010…

Greece is not going to escape this repeating cycle of near-collapse and bailout without doing something that sparks sustained economic growth and private-sector job creation. It’s well past time to try something new. The last two years of bailouts and broken promises to cut back on spending have resulted in a shrinking economy and what seem to be daily news of rioting on the streets of Athens. That’s not exactly the best advertisement for Greece’s most significant industry: tourism.


January 31, 2012

The German news organization, Spiegel, is sharing its thoughts on the situation in Greece…  They exclaim that European politicians are not facing reality:

Once again, Europe is arguing over a bailout for Greece, and it looks as though the result will be no different that it has been in the past… Europe’s politicians continue to battle reality. Everyone knows that Greece cannot repay its massive pile of debts, now at more than €350 billion ($459 billion). But instead of effectively reducing the financial burden, European politicians intend to approve new loans for the government in Athens and go on fighting debt with new debt.


January 29, 2012

The latest discussion is about Greece changing from using the Euro as its currency:

Germany and the rest of the eurozone can’t actually kick a country out of the euro for fear of investor panic and speculation against Portugal, Italy, Ireland, and Spain. But if Greece were to leave on its own…


January 25, 2012

The situation in Greece has many economists around the world concerned:

The rest of the world needs to sit up and take notice of what is going on in Greece right now. This is what can happen when you allow government debt to spiral out of control. Once it becomes clear that you can’t pay your debts, a financial collapse can happen very suddenly and you start losing your sovereignty to those that you must turn to for financial help.


January 15, 2012

I’ve been watching the situation in Greece with great interest.  It possesses all of the leading indicators of great decline associated with a western culture that has embraced Socialism.  These indicators include a very low reproduction rate among the indigenous population; huge amounts of entitlements showered among the citizens; and a government expenditure rate well out of line with the country’s gross domestic product.

When a country gets to this point what happens?  Do they declare bankruptcy and the creditor nations repossess the assets? Do they hyper-inflate their way out of debt by using their own currency?

Over at the Calculated Risk blog, they talk about the fact that everyone knows that the Greeks are not willing to adopt austerity measures.

At this point, it all sounds like a huge game of “kick the can” as a means to delay the inevitable…  of course, I still don’t have a clear picture of the eventual outcome.


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2020 Political Humor
Friday, January 10th, 2020 | Author:

From my pal, Joe K…

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Black Racist Says ‘Jews are my enemy’
Tuesday, January 07th, 2020 | Author:


Anti-Semitism continues…


December 19, 2019

Evidently, the Jersey City official that practices “open” anti-Semitism, (Ms. Terrell-Paige) showed no remorse for her harsh comments about Jews.   When she was asked if she regretted her statements, she said, “No, I don’t.”

In a related episode, a Jewish student was recently subjected to open anti-Semitic abuse on the New York subway.  A black New Jersey resident, Zarinah Ali, began hurling racist abuse — ‘Allahu akbar, it’s in the Quran, where they curse the serpent Jew, you wouldn’t believe. You f***ing nasty a** Jew … you f***ing stinking a** Jew.’

Is there a repeatable pattern here?


December 18, 2019

According to a recent op-ed, the New Jersey murderers were triggered to kill Jews as a result of ideology espoused by Louis Farrakhan: “Terrorists who gunned down Jews in a Jersey City kosher market were inspired by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.”

And just to make it a little more crazy and complete, a black Jersey City elected official blamed Jewish members of the community for the shooting committed by two African Americans.  The official accused Jewish leaders of forcing blacks out of their homes and of “selling body parts,”and implied that this “assault on the Black communities of America” is what led the two people to murder unarmed Jews.


December 12, 2019

The black racists in the New York area are starting to show their true principles.  There are not only the unprovoked hate crimes against Jews in Queens and Brooklyn, but now we have anti-Semitic murders in New Jersey.  Of course, the mainstream media would not dare call out these groups for what they really are:

The New York Times called them “sidewalk ministers” who practice “tough love.” The paper quoted Heidi Beirich of the Southern Poverty Law Center who described them as victims of racism and claimed that they were non-violent.

The Washington Post, in its own puff piece on the Black Hebrew Israelites, also falsely described them as non-violent, and concluded that, “Israelite street preaching in parts of D.C., Philadelphia and New York is commonplace, a familiar if odd accent to city life.”

The odd accent to city life in Jersey City came amid a hail of bullets as two members of the racist black nationalist hate group opened fire in the JC Supermarket. Despite initial claims by the media and the authorities that the Jewish market had not been targeted, David Anderson and Francine Graham ignored passerby on Martin Luther King Dr, to get to the store and kill as many Jewish people as they could.


August 29, 2019

Here is another episode of black anti-Semitism… the President of the NAACP in Passaic New Jersey had some fine comments:

“I don’t talk to fucking Jews,” Dye told the New Jersey Globe during a very brief telephone interview.  “Get the fuck out of here.”

Dye was fired from his job with the state Department of Labor and Workforce Development last week after the Globe reported that he had made anti-Semitic and anti-Latino comments on his personal Facebook page.


March 14, 2019

A reasonable summary of the Democrat party’s de facto support of Moslem anti-Semitism:

And so Ilhan Omar is the new leader of the Democratic Party, complete with all her anti-Semitism. The next time she says something anti-Semitic, and she certainly will, there will be not the mildest statement of contradiction from Democratic leadership. What can they possibly say? She has already faced them down and won. She has gotten them to accept, however tacitly, that her views are acceptable and within the Democratic Party mainstream. She has achieved the normalization of a paranoid Jew-hatred not seen in the political mainstream since the Third Reich.


March 8, 2019

Since the Internet is filled with commentary about the blatant anti-semitism of the two new Moslem representatives in Congress, this post has not included many references to those stories.  Instead, I leave it to the reader to determine if there is a clear pattern that can be gleaned from the empirical data about the relationships between Black Moslems and Jews:

As it is, Omar is unchastened, a valuable message is undelivered, and a learning opportunity is lost.  But every day brings the possibility of new information.   Perhaps someone will ask her the bottom-line question that reveals the truthful Jew-hater:  Does Israel have the right to exist?


February 11, 2019

Organized anti-Semitism is perfectly acceptable among the Leftists:

For decades, Farrakhan has promoted anti-Semitism, in sermons, in media appearances, and in writing. In his 2018 Saviour’s day speech, Farrakhan castigated Jews for rejecting Christ and accused them of promoting homosexuality in the black community. Despite his anti-Semitism, Farrakhan has avoided the type of ostracism that someone like David Duke experiences.

For decades, surveys have consistently found higher levels of anti-Semitism among African Americans… 22% of African-Americans, and 40% of foreign-born Hispanics were anti-Semitic, according to the ADL’s definition…. Many Jews believe that because both blacks and Jews have suffered discrimination, blacks will be more sympathetic toward them. However, the evidence suggests that blacks are not particularly sympathetic toward Jews


January 13, 2019

The hatred for Israel and Jews is very rampant in the community of haters, especially Tamika Mallory, one of the organizers of this lunatic woman’s march.  Their convoluted logic in supporting avowed haters is astounding:

“As a leader, as a black leader in a country that is still dealing with some very serious unresolved issues as it relates to the black experience in this country, I go into a lot of difficult spaces…

“I didn’t call him [Farrakhan] the greatest of all time because of his rhetoric, I called him the greatest of all time for what he’s done in black communities,” she replied, as The View‘s audience applauded.

In other words, if you do something nice for ‘your people’ (Hamas distributing food for Gazans, Farrakhan supporting the black community), that absolves you from any culpability for avowed hatred for other people.


October 17, 2018

Once again, testing how far the Leftists and mainstream media will allow him to operate, Farrakhan is unequivocal in showing his anti-semitism:

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan addressed a gathering in Detroit on Sunday to mark the 23rd anniversary of the Million Man March, and used it as a platform to launch yet another attack on Jews, calling them “termites.”

I’ll give Democrat Dov Hikind of New York credit with his clear statement:

Farrakhan’s vile statements against Whites and Jews have been ignored by my fellow Democrats.  There is nothing subtle about this modern-day Goebbels’ hatred. This racist doesn’t even hide behind an anti-Israel statement; he just publicly attacks Jews and the Jewish religion, and works to incite hatred and racism among his followers. Even worse, Democrats continue to give him a pass. Former President Bill Clinton sat next to him at Aretha Franklin’s funeral. It was appalling!”


June 12, 2018

From Karin McQuillan, some preliminary analysis on Black and Moslem anti-Semitism:

Dig  into the ADL report on anti-Semitism in America and you find that Black anti-Semitism is twice the national average and was three times the national average when Obama was in office… The bombings, arson, Molotov cocktail attacks, and shootings by American Moslems attacking Jews speak for themselves.


June 11, 2018

He’s baaaccckk…  Mr. Farrakhan just can’t seem to get or give enough.  Evidently, the infamous Black Moslem gave another rousing speech over the weekend where he said:

Do you know that many of us who go to Hollywood seeking a chance have to submit to anal sex and all kind of debauchery and they give you a little part? It’s called the casting couch. See that’s Jewish power.

Perhaps someone should interview Roseanne Barr for her comments about people making harsh criticisms.


March 23, 2018

More on the fallout from Farrakhan acolyte Trayon White… the PowerLine blog shares some of their thoughts about impudent Leftist Jews:

As for Jewish organizations, the Washington Post reports they are ready to forgive the councilman. In a confession of its stupidity, Jews United for Justice, a left-wing outfit that endorsed White in 2016, said of him, “this is not the guy we know.” “We want to work with him,” its spokesperson added.

There was a time when Jewish organizations (no matter how liberal) and environmentalists would be embarrassed to work with an anti-Semite who thinks Jews create natural disasters for profit. But these days, almost nothing embarrasses the left, and the cluelessness of liberal American Jews defies belief.

As one of my good friends used to say “True That”.


March 19, 2018

Farrakhan’s outlook on Jews must be contagious… A black Washington, DC lawmaker blamed a recent snowfall on a family of Jewish bankers — accusing them of controlling the climate and orchestrating natural disasters.  Trayon White recorded a video full of antisemitism in which he said:

“Man it just started snowing out of nowhere this morning, man. Y’all better pay attention to this climate control, man, this climate manipulation,” 


March 12, 2018

The Blacks, Moslems, and Social Justice Warriors love Farrakhan. For his loyalists, they explain away his bigotry and anti-Semitism as it’s simply ‘Farrakhan being Farrakhan’.  They’ll comment about him the same way the UN comments about Hezbollah — yes, he hates the Jews but he also has a good side.  As the Leftists in Chicago describe Farrakhan: “I don’t hate him, I pity him. To me, he’s crazy old Uncle Lou. For all his bad-boy blather, Farrakhan has a weird vulnerability, almost a sweetness.”

The mainstream media continues to pretend that there is nothing wrong.  While many other bigots have been limited or removed from Twitter, Farrakhan just goes on tweeting with the coveted blue check mark next to his name.

Fortunately, there are various web sites and blogs that have not been willing to let this situation pass without comment.  For example, over at American Thinker, Michael Curtis remarks:

In the United States the silence is deafening on the part of the media and Twitter concerning members of the Congressional Black Caucus and others tolerant of or not critical of the raucous bigoted rhetoric of Louis Farrakhan (once Louis Walcott and Louis X), the African-American activist who has been leader of the Nation of Islam (NOI)

What is disconcerting are two things: the refusal of members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), the very people concerned with discrimination and bigotry, to condemn wholeheartedly or to dissociate themselves from Farrakhan’s bigotry; and the almost universal absence of critical, explicit, candid commentary by most of the mainstream media on these failings.


Over at the Daily Caller, the noted that the Republicans National Committee was calling out for a response:

“Keith Ellison’s long pattern of lies about his ongoing relationship with Louis Farrakhan, who the Anti-Defamation League calls ‘America’s leading anti-Semite,’ has put a stain on the Democrat Party,” McDaniel said in a press release. “Anti-Semitism has no place in American politics, Tom Perez must address this issue.”


And from Ace of Spades, a reasonable question is posed:

Media Intensely Interested in Right-Wing (Allegedly) Anti-Semite That Draws Crowds of Less Than 50;  But Not At All Interested in Left-Wing Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan Who Draws Crowds of 10,000, and Has High-Profile Democrats Like Barack Obama Courting.


Then there is Jeff Dunetz at the Lid telling the world the reality about Farrakhan-follower Ellison and the Democrat party:

Ellison is a featured keynote speaker at many BDS organization events including the American Friends Service Committee which runs a BDS boot camp, Progressives for Palestine, and is a favorite of the anti-Israel group ironically called Jewish Voice for Peace. In a rare occurrence of disagreeing with progressives, The Jewish Voice for Peace was named by the Anti-Defamation League as one of the 10 most anti-Israel organizations in America (I am sure their mothers are proud).

Keith Ellison’s history and actions of mainstream Democrats demonstrate that no one should really be surprised so many in the party support Louis Farrakhan and his anti-Jewish hatred… The only remaining question is, will my fellow American Jews who overwhelmingly (and blindly) support the Democratic Party finally wake up and smell the truth.

Of course, I’m still waiting for Alan Dershowitz to take a position on the latest news about Perez, Ellison, and the anti-Semite Democrats.

Democrats and the Hitler-loving Jew-hater


March 8, 2018

From the political party that lacks any ethics whatsoever: Democrat Keith Ellison believes that people don’t care about his ties to the notorious anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan.  As revealed by The Daily Caller, Ellison, a devout Moslem, attended multiple meetings with Farrakhan while in Congress.   Ellison is currently the deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee.


March 7, 2018

What is it about western culture that when Blacks and Moslems extol hatred and violence it is met with silence?  Whether it is Farrakhan in the US, Khamenei in Iran, or Malema in South Africa, the threats (and actions) against life never seem to warrant a comment from the New York Times, Washington Post, ABC, NBC, etc.

Is this based on the belief that these actors with a third-world mentality are just exaggerating for effect and thus not worthy of comment?  Is it actually more insidious and these news organizations are concerned about drawing negative attention to these folks that are held in high esteem by the Black and Moslem communities?

Does it ever make sense to vote for someone that is running for public office based on being a member of the black congressional caucus?  The hispanic congressional caucus?  The hillbilly congressional caucus?   Does this approach represent the best interests of American citizens?


March 6, 2018

From ‘The Lid” web site:

Recently released pictures and videos, revealed that Obama and other Democrats including Maxine Waters (D-CA), Al Green (D-TX), Barbara Lee (D-CA), and seventeen other Democratic members of Congress had very friendly meetings with racist, anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan. The Deputy Chairman of the Democratic Party Keith Ellison had a closer relationship with the bigot whose hatred’s been displayed throughout his long career.

As for the mainstream media, they usually ignore Antisemitism (see Al Sharpton and Barack Obama) but Farrakhan spews hatred against all white people why is the media silent?  Is it because they only care about some bigotry? Is it because Farrakahn has a relationship with Democrats, and the bigots who support the president are supporting a Republican? Perhaps it’s because the media hates Trump more than the average Republican?


March 4, 2018

It appears that many members of the black congressional caucus support Farrakhan’s views.  In fact, Representative Danny Davis, who serves the 7th Congressional District of the state of Illinois had this say about his friendship with the man who is as divisive as the Grand Dragon of the KKK:

“That’s just one segment of what goes on in our world. The world is so much bigger than Farrakhan and the Jewish question and his position on that and so forth. For those heavy into it, that’s their thing, but it ain’t my thing,” 

So you now have the appropriate response when anyone calls you a racist — just say “the world is so much bigger then that and the black question…it ain’t my thing”


March 2, 2018

Louis Farrakhan gave a speech on February 25 in which he declared that “Jews are my enemy.”   He further said “White folks are going down. And Satan is going down… pulled a cover off of that Satanic Jew, and I’m here to say your time is up, your world is through.”

Did you know that Barack Obama and Keith Ellison are followers of Mr. Farrakhan.  They are also strong supporters of the regime in Iran.

Hmmm,  did you read about this incident at the Google or Yahoo web site?  How about the Washington Post or New York Times?


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What is Chanukah?
Wednesday, December 25th, 2019 | Author:


Happy Chanukah!  This is a year that the lunar calendar (the basis for the ancient Jewish method of tracking dates) aligns more closely with the solar calendar and thus, Christmas and Chanukah occur at roughly the same time of year… If you want to read more about Chanukah than I’ve put together below, I would recommend this article from Rabbi Dov Fischer.


December 5, 2018

It’s my best writing for the Chanukah season…


December 12, 2007

In celebration of that famed Jewish holiday known as Chanukah, it’s important to share some facts about the real story behind the holiday… By the way, that’s “Chanukah” with a “cha” sound.  Not Hanukah with a “ha” pronunciation.  As my wife likes to say, you’ve got to spit a little when you pronounce Hebrew words.

Back to the subject… Chanukah is not considered a major holiday by most Jewish standards.  Remember, Jews seem to have holidays – i.e., “holy days”, every month.  While I don’t necessarily agree, the most important Jewish holidays focus on devotion to God…  Chanukah celebrates the Jewish revolt against the Greek Empire (actually the Seleucid “branch” of the Greek Empire) that was based in an area where modern-day Syria is located (do you see any irony here?).  This took place over 2,000 years ago, about 170 years before the birth of that famous Jewish carpenter/fisherman.


The Seleucid Emperor outlawed Jewish religious practices and actually converted the Temple of the famed Ten Commandments into a place for pagan worship (the current remnants of the Temple in Jerusalem are known as the “Western Wall”.  In later years, to “stick it to the Jews”, the Moslems built a mosque on top of the Jewish Temple).  Any Jew that disobeyed Emperor Antiochus’ order for pagan worship was put to death.


When a unit of Seleucid troops arrived to enforce the Emperor’s orders, a Jewish priest named Mattathias refused to betray the one God.   When one of the Jewish townspeople said that he was going to assimilate and start bowing down to idols (yes, even in the days of the Maccabees, there were pusillanimous leftist Jews), Mattathias killed the traitor, as well as the Seleucian troops.   Mattathias’s son Judah organized a small group of men who fled to the Judean hills.

Judah and his men trained in preparation for the inevitable Seleucid military retaliation. Over time, the ranks of the Jewish rebels grew, and against incredible odds Judah and his men were victorious in a number of battles against the highly trained, heavily armed Seleucid army (remember, the Seleucid army was spun off from the armies of Alexander the Great). Judah was a brilliant military strategist, utilizing what were at the time the unconventional military tactics of a guerilla warfare.


Little do people know that Mattathias, along with Judah and his followers went throughout the Judean lands preaching open resistance.  Any towns that had given in to the Seleucids were burnt to the ground.  Most importantly, as far as Chanukah is concerned, Judah and his men captured Jerusalem and rededicated the Temple for Jewish worship.  They thought they only had oil for the menorah for one night, but it lasted eight days (thus, the eight days of Chanukah).


As you can see, the story of the Maccabees is much better than the story of William Wallace as depicted in the movie Braveheart.   For those of you not aware, Maccabi is the Hebrew word for “Hammer”.  Mattathias and Judah were actually part of the Hasmoneans, but evidently people thought enough of Judah’s ass-kicking approach to warfare that they starting calling him “the hammer”.   Thus, we always refer to this small band of right wing Jews as the Maccabees.

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Communism, Capitalism… and Money
Friday, October 11th, 2019 | Author:

The latest with the NBA and China has focused a bright light on the tensions between Communism and Capitalism (always remember that the true tensions are between tyranny and anarchy).  It’s an interesting situation with all of the emerging American ‘woke’ corporations.  As the antics of the NBA clearly exhibit, the hypocrisy of virtue signaling is now becoming too obvious.

As Vladimir Lenin was famous for saying: “The Capitalists will sells us the rope in which to hang them”…  Or following the advice of the janitor at my elementary school: “Always follow the money trail”.