Raising Taxes in Southwest Ohio

Give the government manager the opportunity to raise taxes and they always will.   First, the Democrat commissioners in Montgomery Country voted a few weeks ago to increase sales tax to 7.25%. The Montgomery County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday

What’s a Limousine Leftist?

Some great comments from Mark Steyn about the hypocrisy of the limousine leftists with their focus on useless virtue signalling. “They love humanity in general and abuse humans in particular.” “It’s easy to virtue signal, much harder to be virtuous.

It’s a Deep and Bureaucratic Goverment

It’s not just the fact that government workers and the ‘Deep State’ are frequently opposed to reducing the size of government.  It’s the fact that the presence of large amounts of government consumes so much of our productive potential.  However,

Anti-Semitic Islamists 

It appears that there are a few so-called ‘victim’ groups in the US who are not accountable for spewing hatred and inciting violence: All too often of late we’ve seen American Islamists voicing their support for anti-Semites, if not calling