They Ignore Facts of History

A great commentary from Walter Williams about leftists still adoring communism even after the experiences of the 20th century: Now the question: Why are leftists soft on communism? The reason leftists give communists, the world’s most horrible murderers, a pass is

Modern vs Classical Liberalism

A good description of the contradictions faced by modern liberalism (more commonly referred to as Leftists or Progressives): Modern liberalism, though, is very much an intentionally devised system. (That’s modern and not classical liberalism; the latter is something closer to

When Claims Lose Any Meaning

In the world of engineering and manufacturing we often say “when everything is high priority, then nothing is high priority”.   It’s a way of stating that you have to clearly stratify the differences in your observations and claims.   I suppose

Kasich Believes in… What?

I’ll bet that there are many Ohio citizens that can’t wait until Kasich leaves office: It’s time for lawmakers to get into a room and figure out some sort of solution on gun control, Ohio Gov. John Kasich said Sunday.

American Citizenship

Some informed comments from Mark Steyn about being a citizen in the USA: Citizenship is about allegiance. We benefit from our rights as citizens of the state and in return we accept our duties as citizens of the state. And

What Do Leftists Really Believe?

They proclaim to believe in high moral virtues.  They designate anyone who doesn’t support their policies as deplorable.  Yet, they always appear to avoid practicing what they preach.  Hypocrisy is a central tenant of the true practice of Leftism. If

The Leftist Brand of Morality

As usual, some great comments from Mark Steyn: Once upon a time, the elites chafed under middle-class morality, and found sly workarounds for their darker appetites. Then came liberation. And in the ruins of bourgeois society a new moral hierarchy