American Exceptionalism

Charles Murray received an award from the American Enterprise Institute where he delivered a lecture, ”The Happiness of the People.” The lecture focused on the concept of American exceptionalism.  A key excerpt: “it isn’t something in the water that has

European Heaven and Hell

Heaven is Where: The Police are British, The Chefs are Italian, The Mechanics are German, The Lovers are French   and It’s all organized by the Swiss. Hell is Where: The Police are German, The Chefs are British, The Mechanics

Washington Doublespeak

Another great commentary from Victor Davis Hanson.  He talks about his challenge trying to understand macroeconomics and the doublespeak coming from the O’bama administration: I feel… confused about all the doublethink coming out of Washington. Great Depression—no Great Depression. Recession

Kuwait Wants to Destroy the US?

This is a video about Kuwaiti Professor Abdallah Nafisi where he talks about a biological attack on the White House and plans for ways to destroy the United States. [youtube][/youtube] 9 min 5 sec

What is Purim?

You may have missed it, but we Jews just recently celebrated the holiday known as Purim.  Ironically, Purim is the celebration of the Jewish people prevailing against their enemies — you guessed it — the Iranians (i.e., Persians) over 2,500 years

US Economy — Obama Destruction

A great objective analysis of the US economy in Forbes magazine by economists from First Trust Advisers… a few key extracts: Despite the rosiest economic projections we have possibly ever seen, as well as one of the largest tax hikes