New York Times, 1943

If the current editors of the New York Times were working in 1943, this is what the front page would probably look like: I don’t know about the rest of you, but when I see an article and it indicates that

Speech Generator

You too can generate your own dynamic speech, filled with platitudes such as “hope” and “change”…  Check out this site:

Recovery from Economic Crisis

After Japan’s asset bubble burst in the late 1980s, their economy took a sharp downturn, prompting government officials to try bailing out banks and investing in infrastructure, much like the activity and proposals floating around America today. The results were

Plans for Job Growth

I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention, but I’m afraid the viewpoint depicted below is coming down the path of the O’bama economic ‘stimulus’… us fiscally conservative, entreprenurial guys are not too happy:

A Candid Conversation about Jews

You can cut through all the editorial mish-mash with a set of very simple conversation snippets.  It provides clarity for the rest of us.  The quotes below are distillations of the political platitudes, and reflect the real behavior and outlook

The Bush Legacy

A nice article in the Weekly Standard about President Bush’s accomplishments…  While I never liked hearing Bush give a speech in his Texas drawl, and I didn’t agree with his approach on spending, I often agreed with his positions on foreign policy.