Do American Jews Care About… Jews?

Great comments from Dry Bones… It’s hard to argue with his observations: American Jews are on the march!! They seem to demonstrate for everyone except American Jews and against every injustice except threats to American Jewry! The anti-semitic threats against

Do As I Say?

Are you surprised? Alliance Defending Freedom asked students at the University of Wisconsin if they thought a dress designer should have the freedom not to design a dress for Melania Trump. They said “absolutely.” The students also thought a Muslim should


A great quote from a man with real-world experience: “Ninety percent of the politicians give the other ten percent a bad reputation.” – Henry Kissinger

Unintended Consequences

As usual, great commentary from Victor Davis Hanson: Were NBC anchor Brian Williams’s fantasies fake news? Were Dan Rather’s “fake but accurate” Rathergate memos? How about the party line circulated in JournoList or the Washington and New York reporters who

Can You Trust Snopes?

I used to consider the Snopes web site a reputable source…  it appears that they also have succumbed to a political agenda: Snopes got the facts wrong despite deploying not one but two fact-checkers to the case.  The first, Kim

CNN and Reasonable People

I was in the Atlanta airport during a recent business trip so it was difficult to avoid hearing the CNN broadcast.  It’s interesting that the 20 minutes of Wolf Blitzer was primarily complaints about the fact that Trump chose to