Definition of Chutzpah – Part 1

After the 9/11 terrorist act, do you recall any Moslems expressing dismay or extending condolences (don’t confuse it with their celebrations)?  Were there Moslems condemning the terrorists during the recent murders in Mumbai India?  Well, I flipped open my browser

The Real Story of Chanukah

Chanukah celebrates the Jewish revolt against the Greek Empire (actually the Seleucid “branch” of the Greek Empire) that was based in an area where modern-day Syria is located. This took place over 2,000 years ago, about 170 years before the

Thompson on the Economy

An interesting video from Fred Thompson.  The former actor (“Die Hard 2” with Bruce Willis) and former candidate for US President. [youtube][/youtube] 8 min 20 sec Hat tip to Joe Knecht

Mumbai and Islamic Terrorism

A great article in — of all places — the San Francisco Chronicle.  In particular, the article has a concise paragraph that nicely documents and links to the many prior Islamic atrocities: This is the same enemy who held hostage and slaughtered

Liberal Jews – Part 8

There is an endless supply of material for this series on self-destructive inane thinking…  Seth Borenstein, a leftist Jew writing an article for the AP writes a long ditty dissertation that notes: ‘Obama left with little time to curb global