Dealing with Somali Pirates

I was recently having lunch with a friend that complained about our lack of resolve in dealing with the modern-day Barbary Pirates from Somalia…  I discovered an interesting article on Strategy Page that describes how the Russians intend to take

More on Expectations from Our President

Update – Sure enough, here comes the further re-calibration of expectations…  The friendly television networks in Chicago have this to say: “President-elect Barack Obama and his inner circle fear that some voters expect him to turn around the economy, wind

Limousine Liberal

A “limousine liberal” is a term used to describe a leftist that pleads for one perspective but actually follows the opposite position.  A great illustration is the O’bama’s plea for supporting public education contrasted with his recent decision to send his children to

Liberal Jews – Part 7

I’ve always maintained that Liberal Jews have a Pollyanna outlook on life…  The leftist Jewish magazine, Forward, ran an article “Black, Jewish Vote for Obama May Signal a Renewed Tie.”    78% of Jewish voters went for Obama, as did 96%