Comparison of Presidential Positions

All three of the leading candidates have answered ten questions on issues ranging from international affairs to domestic issues in this 2008 Presidential Questionnaire at the The Simon Wiesenthal Center: Click this link to download the 17-page PDF document. Hat

Crimes and Race

An interesting posting at Volokh Conspiracy about the distribution of crimes among major races in the United States: In 2007, about 72,000 persons were convicted of federal crimes. Here’s the breakdown of the defendants by race in the 95% or

It’s Always Been Jihad

I can’t say that I’ve ever liked the Israeli historian, Benny Morris, but his recent interview in the Jerusalem Post really sums it up in very simple views: “The sense of Arab humiliation has only deepened over the past 60

What White People Want

John Tavardian sent me a comment about how Obama knows what a “typical white person” is like…  Tarvar said we should visit this website: It’s a parody on the fetishes, fantasies, and fixations of upper-class white urban liberals. Some of the

Liberalism = Hypocrisy

I don’t take harsh positions on this topic in the same vein as Ann Coulter, where she insists that Liberals are somehow brain damaged.  However, I’ve seen a consistent pattern where Leftists preach one principle and practice another.  For example, we’ve