Canadian Health Queue

Here is one from Sam Greenwood, where he shares commentary from a friend living in Canada…  I’ve seen on the news up here in Canada where Hillary Clinton introduced her new health care plan. Something similar to what we have in

Bush is Big Spender

An article recently sent to me from my buddy, Bill Nolan, highlights that President Bush is the biggest spender since the days of LBJ’s Great Society: “George W. Bush, despite all his recent bravado about being an apostle of small

Source of California Fires

It’s very revealing to watch the media commentary on the potential source of the wildfires in California.  The Republicans contend that it is Al Qaeda, while the Democrats insist that it’s global warming. Go Figure…

Shocking Senate Votes

Never argue with an idiot; they’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience… The following senators voted against making English the official language of America: Akaka (D-HI) Bayh (D-IN) Biden (D-DE) Bingaman (D-NM) Boxer (D-CA) Cantwell

A Lesson in History

A little history lesson: If you don’t know the answer, make your best guess.  Answer all the questions before looking at the answers. Who said it? 1) “We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common

Are There Really Jewish Republicans?

There is a recent article in Haartez discussing the notion of Jewish Republicans.  The ideas are not very original, and the conclusions are very weak: “If you’re a Jewish Republican, the level of stupidity is beyond belief,” humorist Lewis Black,