Fan Reaction to NFL Player Protests

Update Miami Dolphins fans mercilessly booed San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick Sunday afternoon in Miami… Kaepernick has been in the news recently after a tense exchange over the merits of recently deceased Cuban dictator Fidel Castro with a local Florida

Are US Citizens Afraid of Reality?

We’ve seen for quite some time how the mainstream media manufactures ‘news’ for their readers. It’s interesting that this is now catching up with those Leftist JournoList subscribers who — facts be damned — conspired to present their take on reality. These

Is It Really Jesus and Satan?

If you only read the Leftist media, you’d believe that Obama was Jesus and Trump was Satan…. You don’t believe me?  Take a look at a snapshot of the articles from Real Clear Politics in my Feedly Newsreader (see below).

Is This Free Thinking?

It’s a crazy world out there…  Don’t expect the Leftist mainstream media to change their tune.  In the view of the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, etc., it’s always the same. In the academic monoculture of the left, dissenting

Leftist Jews in America

This is a comment from Peter Beinert, a Leftist Jew commiserating about the election of Trump.   Do you see anything crazy about his viewpoint? I’m not leaving America. It’s my country. I have to fight for it. I have

Jews Voting Democrat

Don’t ask me why Jews vote for their enemies during open elections.  I’d be willing to wager that there were many German Jews in the 1930s that voted for their National Socialist Party.   Most American Jews are Leftists first, and then