What’s the Worst That can Happen?

Mark Steyn commenting about the prospects of Hillary in office: Think of what the last eight years have wrought – Obamacare, a weaponized IRS, six-figure fines for homophobic bakeries – and then pitch America forward to 2024. Picture the most

Voting Early in Ohio

No, not me.  I vote in the more traditional fashion.  Frankly, I think the notion of opening-up voting nearly a month before the election is on par with motor voter registration… One of my friends, who happens to be a a regular

It’s Just a Clock

If you recall, there was a young Moslem lad that decided (along with his father) to modify a clock to make it look like a questionable apparatus: Yep, according to Clock Boy’s father, Mohamed, that looks like a harmless clock…  In

A Criminal as President?

As a believer in classical liberalism I’m not a fan of Mr. Trump, but I know which way I’m voting.  This observation from Roger Simon sums up the basis for my decision rather well: Whatever you think of Donald Trump,

Proper Political Perspective

I’ve often proclaimed that most Republicans are very similar to their Democrat counterparts — They also like the idea of big Government and a central planning authority, but claim they can run it more efficiently. This recent episode of Trump using profane language about

US Government Takes Startling Position

Many people may have overlooked this report, but it represents an interesting perspective from the the US Government.  It appears that the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) are accidently fessing up with a position contrary to their political