Political Climate in Israel

It never ceases to amaze me what Ehud Olmert and his ruling party will attempt to give away for this illusory image of “peace”.   Last week, Olmert was offering to give away my land in the eastern part of Israel.  This

1960’s .vs. 2000’s

Another interesting insight from Mark Clower… + Scenario: Jack pulls into school parking lot with rifle in gun rack. 1960 – Vice Principal comes over, takes a look at Jack’s rifle, goes to his car and gets his to show

Making a Mockery of Our Military

A great article from Jack Kelley. Some of his key comments appear below… Many bright young people have enlisted to fight and have re-enlisted after tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. That the reason is a mystery to Rep. Rangel, Sen. Kerry

Our First Postmodern War?

Victor Davis Hanson just says it so well… I’m not even going to try to elaborate.  Read the excerpt below, which summarizes his view (and mine) about the current war against radical Islam: If you have taught [American] youth for

Does the Future Belong to Islam?

An excellent essay in Gates of Vienna about the prospects of Western civilization controlling the impact of radical Islam… A few excerpts: Islam will not be defeated because “the strengths of the world community of Muslims are being underestimated.” Yet

Ironic Politics

It’s not too difficult to find irony in politics, but I came across the Yahoo news home page today and I thought that this was particularly interesting (see below)… Let’s see if I understand this correctly, Kissinger contends “military win impossible”. 

Loving Thy Enemies

Mark Steyn writes an excellent article about the insanity of Western leaders… After September 11, the first reaction of just about every prominent Western leader was to visit a mosque: President Bush did, so did the Prince of Wales, the